All student employees must complete and submit timesheets in order to be paid. 

Steps for Accessing and Using an Electronic Timesheet

If you work on campus, you will be using electronic timesheets to record and submit your hours. You will not gain access to the timesheet until your supervisor has submitted a Work Authorization to hire you. Also, if you are a new employee who has never worked for WSU before, your I-9 and W-4 forms must be completed before you may begin working and have access to a timesheet.
When you are hired, you are placed on a “team” within the department that hired you. If you work for multiple teams, it is very important that you make sure the correct team is displayed before you enter your time.

Your supervisor will show you how to use eTimesheets. You will be told whether you must “clock” or “edit” your hours. Some supervisors prefer that their employees use the computer as a time clock, requiring students to “clock in” when they arrive at work and “clock out” when they leave. The computer registers those times; this is the easier way to enter hours.  Other supervisors may choose to have students “edit” hours into a timesheet. This involves the student selecting the Student Timesheet menu option and adding/editing hours each time a shift is worked.  
You should enter your hours each time you work a shift, either at the time you work or sometime during that day. You should never pre-fill your time sheet or wait until the last day of the pay period and then enter all of your hours. This often results in errors.

If you have not entered any time worked during a pay period and it is now Wednesday morning (the day after the final day of the pay period), you will not have access to the timesheet for the pay period that just ended the day before.  You will need to contact your supervisor, or the Student Payroll Office, as soon as possible.

At the end of the pay period, after you have entered your last shift, you will click on the Timesheet Status menu option and “submit” your time sheet. This step requires you to electronically “sign” the time sheet and attest that the hours accurately reflect the time you worked. 
Under no circumstances are you ever allowed to submit hours which you have not actually worked. This is considered fraud and would be in violation of MnSCU Board Policy 1C.2, Fraudulent or Other Dishonest Acts.

After you submit your time sheet, your supervisor approves it and at 2:00 on Wednesday (the day immediately following the last day of the pay period) the Student Payroll Office “processes” all approved time sheets. You are paid on the Friday of the following week for the pay period.
If your time sheet does not get approved for a pay period and the processing deadline has passed, you will not be paid the following week for the hours. Your supervisor will be notified and will have to convert the timesheet to a correction to be processed by Student Payroll the next pay period. This means your payment will be delayed by an entire pay period. The two timesheets will be added together and you will receive one payment for both.