Graduate Assistant Tuition Reimbursement

As a graduate assistant at WSU, you are entitled to tuition reimbursement. The amount of tuition that is covered depends on whether you are a full-time or part-time GA.
  • A full-time GA receives reimbursement for 6-12 graduate credits for each term of the assistantship*
  • A part-time GA receives reimbursement for 3-6 graduate credits for each term of the assistantship*

Undergraduate credits are not covered by the tuition reimbursement program. 

Once the drop-add period is over for the semester, tuition for GAs will be paid based on eligibility and registration. If you add or drop any courses after the drop add period is over, you must notify Student Payroll and/or the Graduate Studies Office.
If you have a GA appointment that is a staff position, the amount of your tuition reimbursement is considered taxable income for you. Once your tuition has been paid by the University, you will begin to see a portion of the total tuition on each of your payroll stubs as a Taxable Benefit (TXB). The amount is added to your income prior to taxes being calculated. This may reduce the amount of your take-home pay over the time we are taxing your tuition benefit. The entire amount of your tuition reimbursement will be taxed within the semester in which it was paid.

*A 12-month pay option is available for a GA who needs to have summer tuition covered but is not employed as a GA in the summer. Since a GA must be on student payroll in order to have tuition covered, you can choose to have your stipend payment spread out over the summer following the assistantship even though you will not be working over the summer. This does result in a lower bi-weekly paycheck because the pay is being spread out over several additional months. You must select the 12-month pay option at the time of hire. Questions about this may be directed to the Student Employment office.   

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