2012 Warrior Grant Recipients

WSU Hockey Club Youth Camp

Winona State Hockey Club would like to hold a week long summer hockey camp for the Winona Youth Hockey and other youth programs in the area.  The camp will be free of charge and open to all age levels from mites to bantams.  It will consist on on ice training sessions focusing on stickhandling and agility training, and then a dryland portion that will focus on shooting and conditioning training.

For more information contact Zach Swanson

Project Go!

Children spend about 8 hours per day in front of the television, computer and video games. 
Project Go is an exciting program that re-connects young children with the outdoors. On a weekly basis volunteers organize activities that engage at-risk children with nature in their own neighborhoods and communities.  Winona State students have played a large role in creating outdoor experiences for Winona children over the last year. As WSU students, we are ready to build on this partnership between Project GO and WSU student volunteers and increase the participation of  students in Project GO programs during the 2012-2013 academic year.

For more information contact Rachel Zacher.

The Green Grant

The overall initiative of this project grant is to promote sustainability on the Winona State University campus. The grant is intended to promote small scale composting for students and faculty on campus, by providing composting capabilities, educational sessions and materials, and by working with the new Sustainability House. Winona State is an innovator in the MNSCU system in regards to green works, and composting is a salient step to take next. Our plan is to have 3-6 strategically placed composting bins outside on campus grounds, with plaques explaining what composting is, and how one would use these bins. The composting bins would be stirred by the environmental club, the sustainability house members, various biology club members, and several students in BIO classes. The composted materials will be either taken to the Winona Farm, used in the flower beds on campus in place of the synthetic fertilizers, or sold at the farmers market. The composting bins will also be used to educate student on the actual process and benefits of composting and living sustainably.

For more information contact Courtney Juelich.

Walk a Mile In Her Shoes

The Greek organizations, GLBTA community, and feminist clubs are all joining together to put on To Walk a Mile in Her Shoes in Winona. To Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is a walk that males and females can participate in, in order to raise money and awareness for victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape. The males will walk in high heels and the females will walk and support the males as they struggle through the difficulty of walking in the heels. There will be events of female victims sharing their stories, with a reality speaker before the walk. The money that is raised will go to the Women’s Resource Center in Winona, MN.

For more information contact Dustin Richards.

Speech Tutoring

Since its creation in January 2012, public speaking tutoring has helped countless students on bettering themselves for public speaking. We were awarded the 2012 Warrior Grant and since then have seen great improvement of the program. Accomplishments include tutoring more than 51 students fall semester with their outlining, APA citations, topic development, and rehearsing their speeches. This represents a 132% increase since spring semester, as we only served 22 students. We also have promotional plans set in place for each semester, where we go to classrooms and promote tutoring directly to classes. Teachers have noticed an improvement in students who come in and trust our skills as tutors. Public speaking tutoring is essential in that all students must take CMST 191 and will continue to use the skills they learn in the class.

For more information contact Ginny Otto.

WSU 3-On-3 Youth Basketball Tournament

Our idea is to host a 2-3 day 3-on-3 youth basketball tournament at either the Winona State University (WSU) Wellness Center or the Winona State University (WSU) Talbot Gymnasium or the Winona Family YMCA. This event will serve Winona youth ages 5-18. The purpose of our event is twofold. First, we would like to increase interaction between WSU students and youth within the Winona community. Second, we would like to encourage the children of Winona to get active.

For more information contact DeShawn Woods.

Money Management Warriors

On behalf of the Financial Management Association (FMA), we would like to propose starting a money management educational service for Winona State students. This service would offer financial planning/assistance from: : (1) a budgeting tool (made through excel and/or tools available on websites); (2) educational workshops on different topics including, but not limited to, building credit, savings plans, and acquiring credit cards or loans; and (3) one-on-one meetings with a trained FMA member to discuss the above topics.  We have two locations we wish to offer this service, first, from a cart (similar to the Resume Cart) located in the lower hyphen of Krysko and then also, we are in talks with Financial Aid about getting a room reserved certain days out of the week in Maxwell. These services would not be for profit. The goal behind all of this is to give FMA members, Finance majors, or any other interested students an opportunity to build experience and skills that will be beneficial to not only them, but to the students they help, down the road. Currently no classes in the Finance major are offered to give students an insight on the world of financial planning and we believe this would a perfect chance to expose them to this in an interactive way.

For more information contact Rachel Pirt.