Student Club Funding Requests

Club Funding Allocations

All official student clubs and organizations at WSU are eligible to request a limited amount of funding per year from the Student Activity Fund (SAF), this limit assigned to them by the age of the club:

  • First Fiscal Year of Operation: up to $500/year
  • Second Fiscal Year of Operation: up to $1000/year
  • Third Fiscal Year of Operation: up to $1500/year

Clubs older than three years may only request up to $1500/year from the SAF. This Step System was implemented as of August 25, 2014. All clubs made after this date are sorted by age in the Step System. All clubs established in the WSU Student Senate Club Directory before this date were given the $1500/year limit.

Funding Request Process

No funds are automatic. Clubs must have a current club directory form, member roster, constitution, and semester financial review on file to be eligible for funding. Clubs must also attend all Alliance of Student Organization meetings (monthly) and a Treasurer Workshop (yearly).

Clubs must request funds from the SAF through the Student Activity Fund Committee’s online funding request form.  Any requests sent via email will not be considered unless the Treasurer confirms your request in a reply email.

The request form is then reviewed by the Student Activity Fund Committee (SAFC) made up of student senators. This committee reviews the requests to see that they follow the SAFC Rules (PDF). SAFC reviews each request on a case-by-case basis. The committee reserves the right to demand more information while reviewing the request, provided via email or in person by the club. Clubs are required to give SAFC 30 days to review your request.

All questions regarding this process can be directed to the Student Senate Treasurer, Duc Nguyen, at

SAFC Club Funding Request Form

You will need the following information to fill out the funding request form:

  • Your club's cost center number
  • A detailed budget of your request
  • Confirmation that you have read the SAFC rules (PDF)


All reimbursements must be pre-approved through the Business Office

  • Purchases under $100 may be reimbursed by a Petty Cash Form (PDF)
  • Purchases over $100 may be reimbursed by using a 1400 Form (PDF)

Expenditures not reimbursable with petty cash funds include:

  • Postage stamps
  • Travel expenses
  • Meals or any food items
  • Salaries or honorariums

Reimbursement for Club Travel

Any club requesting assistance with travel must be sure the budget or cash balance of the group account is sufficient to cover the expenses of the trip. Funds must be in the club account before the Business Office can assist with any reservations.

In order to get reimbursement for traveling as a club or organization, you must:

  • Get official permission to be in travel status by completing the WSU Student & Club Organization Travel Plan Form (PDF) and Travel Roster (PDF). Submit these forms to the appropriate adviser for approval.
  • Submit reimbursements using the Student Reimbursement Form to the Business Office within five days of return travel
  • If the vendor accepts either a purchase order or a University check for payment, your club must submit a 1400 form (PDF) listing the vendor and complete details of the payment to be made by Winona State. If the vendor accepts neither of these forms of payment, the students will have to seek reimbursement for the expenses after the event.

Your club adviser may request a cash advance for the club by submitting a Travel Request Form (PDF) with "Cash Advance" written across the top of the form to the Business Office no later than two days prior to the event. The Cash Advance Settlement Form (PDF) must be submitted within five days of return travel to close out the advance.