Two SSS students holding posters about the TRiO program

Am I eligible to join SSS?

Let’s see!  If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and…

Are first-generation (neither parent or guardian has completed a four year degree OR
Meet federal low-income guidelines OR
Have a documented disability (ADD, LD, physical, psychological, other)
and are registered with WSU Access Services AND
Have a need for academic support
…then you may be eligible!  Please contact us at 507.457.5465 if you have any questions.

What kind of academic support is available for students who are not eligible for SSS?

You are still able to find support through many other WSU departments including Tutoring Services, Disability Services, Advising Services, the Math Achievement Center, Writing Center, Counseling Services, Career Services, and the Warrior Hub.  Please visit Student Resources for a helpful list of offices and links.

Why should I join SSS?

Student Support Services provides extra help in the areas of advising, academic support, unlimited tutoring, personal issues, majors and minors, careers and more – and best of all, our services are FREE!

This past spring semester, over 60 participants in the SSS program took advantage of over 350 hours of tutoring.

How do I apply to be a SSS participant?

Stop by our office in Library 219 or call us at 507.457.5465 to schedule an appointment!  You will complete an application, have an “intake” meeting with an advisor where you will learn more about our program and become registered if you meet the SSS eligibility criteria.

What can I talk about with my SSS advisor?

There is so much to talk about with your SSS advisor.  Conversations can range from “How do I drop a class” and “Where do I go to ______,” to “How do I complete a FAFSA?” and “I am having a problem with my friends and professors.”  Really, the sky’s the limit on what you and your advisor can talk about.  They are always here to help you in your goal towards graduation!

How do I set up an appointment with my SSS advisor?

Making an appointment is very easy!  Call 507.457.5465 or stop by our office in Library 219 and we will be happy to make an appointment that works with your schedule.

When do I need a tutor and how do I set up an appointment with a tutor?

Check out Tutoring Services to set up an appointment with a tutor.  Tutoring is a FREE way for students to get extra help.  As a participant in SSS, you are eligible for unlimited tutoring in a wide variety of subjects, led by experienced peer tutors.  Smart students use tutoring! 

What does “first-generation” mean?

First-generation means that neither of your parents or guardians has completed a four year degree.

How is “low-income” determined?

Income is classified as “low-income” if your family’s taxable income did not exceed 150 percent of the poverty level amount in the past calendar year.  Please contact our office for additional information.

What are the hours and location of the SSS office?

The SSS office is open Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 4:30pm (summer hours are 7:30am – 4:00pm.)  The SSS office is located in Library room 219 through the Tutoring Services office.

Is there any study space available in SSS?

Yes!  There are a variety of different spots that you can use to take a break between classes or to study.  Our office has a large conference table, individual work stations, and comfy chairs!  Feel free to have some coffee, tea, or snacks.

If I join, how much involvement in the program is required?

You may meet with your advisor as often as you wish.  SSS students are strongly encouraged to participate in SSS workshops, leadership activities and WSU cross-cultural events in order to enrich your experience and add to your resume!

Are there any workshops or events provided?

Yes!  There are a variety of workshops and events provided by the SSS Office and the TRiO Student Leaders.  For more information check out Workshops and Events

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To schedule an appointment please call 507.457.5465.

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