Female student on a bridge in Paris

How to Select a Study Away Program

Students may select a study away program that is offered through another university or a study abroad program provider. For more information, and to receive approval for your program, please contact the International Programs office at studyabroad@winona.edu.

The first step is determining personal goals. Different programs offer a varied arrange of educational options. Such questions to consider when setting your goals should include:

  • Why do I want to study abroad?
  • How long do I want to study abroad?
  • When do I want to study abroad?
  • In what part of the world do I want to study?
  • What type of housing is the program offering? (home stay, dormitories, off-campus)
  • What type of classes are offered?
  • Is the program in a location that I prefer?
  • Are there cultural activities offered that will help me immerse myself into the culture?
  • Is there an orientation session upon arrival?
  • What is the cost of the program compared to similar programs?
  • Are there any scholarships that might be available for this program?
  • What are the cost and benefits of the programs?

Questions to consider will vary according to overall expectation of the study away experience. Make sure, that your preferred program correlates with what you want to accomplish with your academic or personal goals.

Students must fill out the Non-WSU Program Application (PDF) along with the application of the selected program, and must meet with staff in the International Programs office (Maxwell Hall) before being accepted to study abroad.