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Study in Argentina at Universidad Nacional De San Juan

Costs (These fees are estimates only and are subject to change at any time. )

     Accommodation  $800
     Flight  On your own
     Passport/Visa  On your own
     Tuition  $3433
     Administrative Fee
     Application Fee
     Miscellaneous  On your own (Books, food, excursions, etc.)

    Application Requirements

    • Complete Study Abroad Application
    • Receipt of application fee
    • Transcripts from all universities
    • Passport valid for duration of stay
    • Two reference forms
    • International insurance coverage

    Application Deadline

    • Due October 1 for Spring semester
    • Due February 1 for Summer semester
    • Due March 1 for Fall semester

    Semester Dates

    Fall Semester: Mid-August to late November
    Spring Semester: Early January to mid-April
    Summer Semester: January to May