Curious about Study Abroad?

If you’ve heard others talk about studying in another country but don’t know what the program options are, you’ve come to the right place. Winona State University offers a variety of choices for international learning experiences. We encourage you to research all your options to find the program that best suits your educational, professional and personal goals.  For more information about travel study opportunities, please visit the WSU Travel Study website.

Benefits of Study Abroad

Expands Skills

  • Prepares students for the future in a way that classes cannot. 
  • Develops professional skills that prepare students for a changing and diverse workforce including:
    • linguistic competencies 
    • creative problem solving skills 
    • flexibility 
    • multiple perspectives 
    • self-confidence 
  • Increases student’s awareness and tolerance of multiple cultures within our WSU community. 
  • Promotes civic engagement and greater awareness of international issues.

 Enhances Professional Development

  • Students increase cross-cultural competencies. 
  • Students who study abroad are able to adapt to the changing workforce and therefore add to the professional community. 
  • Recognition of maturity and self-confidence increases a student’s level of responsibility as employees and citizens. 
  • Students are able to work effectively and confidently with our growing immigrant communities. 
  • Students become more effective in the diverse workforce. 
  • Study abroad students are ahead of other applicants in their multiple skill sets. 
  • How Studying Abroad Can Help You in the Working World 

Enriches the WSU Community

  • Diversifies WSU students by experience, outlook, and understanding. 
  • The WSU community gains a higher reputation for students as global citizen.