Selecting a Semester Program

Winona State University offers an Approved Program List of Study Away Programs in almost all regions of the world. These have been reviewed and approved by WSU faculty and staff for excellent academic quality as well as outstanding student service. You can search for and apply to WSU-approved semester study away programs online. You will also find program brochures and application information online.

If this list of approved programs does not meet a specific academic need, you may petition to study on a program that is not listed. Please contact Carolyn O’Grady at

Application deadlines for semester study away:

October 1 for Spring semester
February 1 for Summer semester
March 1 for Fall semester

Be aware that there are many different types of programs available for study away. These include:

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are designed to be a reciprocal exchange of students from one institution to another. Typically students are integrated with host country students.

When you do a search for programs, you will see which ones are marked as “WSU exchange.” Exchange programs are generally the most affordable semester study away choice. 

Direct Enrollment Programs

Direct Enrollment Programs are programs administered on-site directly by a host institution. You will sign up for courses at the host institution just as you would if you were on campus at WSU.

Provider Programs

Provider Programs are administered by a third-party study abroad provider with whom WSU has an agreement. Typically this model involves a “study center,” which is set up for U.S. students abroad as 1) a home base, 2) sometimes for accommodations, and 3) as an interactive academic center throughout the semester.

Study center models usually involve specialized credit-bearing courses that are part of the program, excursions, and sometimes internships or other community based learning opportunities.

Sometimes study centers also have a relationship with a host university or several host universities, where you may be able to take one or two classes offered by the program (e.g., “British Cultural History”) taught by local faculty who have experience teaching American students. 

Need more help?

The International Programs office has advising services to help you make a decision about which semester program is right for you.

Peer Advisors
WSU students who have already studied away for a semester will meet with you to review program options and explain the application process. For Spring 2016, our peer advisor is Kathreen Smith, who studied abroad for a semester in Oman. She takes appointments on a drop-in basis during scheduled Drop-In Advising hours (which change each semester). You can also reach her by email at

Study Abroad Coordinator
We are in the process of hiring a full time study abroad coordinator who will advise students on all aspects of semester study away. Check back here for more info on this!