Students hang out in a dorm room in the Tau Center.

Tau Center

The Tau Center is a co-ed residence hall that has been in operation since the fall of 2003. The hall is located on the Residential College campus, which is approximately 12 blocks west of the main WSU campus. The Tau Center is the smallest WSU residence hall and has space for 122 students.

The Tau Center is a three floor residence hall, which is comprised of primarily single room spaces. A unique feature of the Tau Center is that it holds a large conference center. When the conference center areas are not in use, students are able to use these areas for quiet study spaces. The conference center allows for continuous upgrading of the building, which provides students with the best accommodations possible.

Room Information

The Tau Center has 99 single rooms, 9 double rooms, and 1 suite. Total occupancy for the hall is 122 residents. The single rooms in the hall are 10'2" x 10'-4", and include tile flooring, a sink, a medicine cabinet, a built-in wardrobe, a built-in desk, a desk chair, a bed frame and extra-long twin mattress, a window with curtains or blinds, lighting above the sink and desk, a wastebasket, cable access and internet access.

The singles with room numbers 232, 334, and 363 have dimensions of 10'2" x 14'. Room 363 has the same furnishings as all other single rooms, whereas room 232 has carpet, no sink, and a moveable dresser, and room 334 has tile flooring, no sink, and a moveable dresser. The double rooms in the Tau Center vary in furnishings. Most of the double rooms have carpeting, and include 2 sinks, 2 medicine cabinets, 2 built-in wardrobes, 2 built-in desks, 2 desk chairs, 2 bed frames and extra-long twin mattresses, 2 windows with curtains or blinds, lighting above the sink and desks, a wastebasket, cable access and internet access.

All of the Tau Center rooms include lighting above the sink and near the desk. In many rooms, there is also overhead lighting. It is suggested that students bring additional lighting for their room.

Front Desk

During the academic year, the Tau Center front desk is staffed by students from 9am–11pm and by Campus Security from 11pm–4am. At the Tau Center front desk, students can check-out a variety of equipment with their student ID. Students have access to games, movies, VCR/DVD player, pool table equipment, ping-pong equipment, cooking utensils and cleaning supplies. Students will find answers to questions and can file work requests for their rooms at the front desk. Also located at the front desk is the Tau Center building printer. Students can pick up their printouts 24 hours per day. Located near the front desk are the student mailboxes. Students can check their mailboxes with their room key.

Conferences/Study Areas

The Tau Center is also home to a University Conference Center. There are numerous conference rooms located throughout the building, including the Rotunda on the first floor. When conferences are not being held, students are able to use the Rotunda as a quiet study area. The room is complete with internet hookups and wireless internet for laptop use. Students enjoy the quiet area for studying, as they are able to be in a library-type atmosphere without having to head to the main campus library.

Lower Level

The lower level of the Tau Center is often used for studying and recreation. There are numerous tables and chairs, along with couches that allow for easy studying. The area also includes recreational equipment, such as a large-screen TV, a ping-pong table and a pool table. Students often use this area to hang out with friends and play games. The area is also equipped with numerous internet ports to accommodate the university laptops.

Just off of the lower level lounge area is a laundry facility and kitchen. In the laundry facility, there are 5 washing machines and 4 dryers, along with a change machine, where students can exchange $1, $5, and $10 bills for quarters. Along with the laundry room is a kitchen area, which holds a full size refrigerator, stove, microwave, toaster and counter space for preparing food.

The lower level has 2 complete walls of windows, which overlook beautiful natural scenery. Out the exits of the lower level is a great open area that encompasses a creek. This outdoor area is great for exercising, playing ball and studying in the sun.  Another unique feature of the Tau lawn is that it has its own fire pit that is used for community cookouts and campfires.  Residents are allowed to use the fire pit by checking out a key to it at the Tau front desk, but they must supply their own firewood.

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Floor plans for Tau Center rooms.