Applications & Forms


Student teaching applications are due two semesters prior to student teaching. For Fall teacher candidates, the deadline is November 1st. Applications are due for Spring teacher candidates by April 1st.

Return completed applications to the Office of Clinical Practice in Gildemeister 110.

Early Childhood and Elementary Applications

K-12 and Secondary Applications

Special Education Applications

Forms & Handbook

Provided below are a few forms that students may need throughout their student teaching experience. In addition, the Student Teaching Handbook is available as resource for students to help them meet the student teaching requirements.

  • Student Teaching Goals Form (PDF): Use this form to submit your goals for student teaching to your university supervisor and cooperating teacher.
  • Teacher Candidate Observation Form (PDF): Use this form to document your experience observing other classrooms during your student teaching.
  • Student Teaching Leave of Absence Form (PDF): Use this form to request time-off during your student teaching. This form must be submitted 48 hours in advance of a planned absence.
  • Student Teaching Handbook (PDF): This handbook details the expectations, policies and procedures students should understand and follow during their student teaching experiences.