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Field Experience

An important part of teacher preparation is field experience. As an education student, you will be placed in a variety of community and school settings throughout your education at WSU. Experiences include opportunities to observe, tutor, co-teach and work side by side with experienced teachers. The Office of Clinical Practice works with faculty to provide meaningful field experiences for our students.

Field Experience Handbook (PDF) is available to help students understand the requirements, expectations and policies regarding field experience, as well as outline the assignments students will be expected to complete.


Background checks (PDF) are required for field experience and student teaching. You should have a background check at the following times:

  • As a freshman before you work with Pk-12 students - $25.00 (initial check)
  • Upon admission to the Teacher Education Unit - $50.00 (comprehensive check)
  • Before Student Teaching - $25.00 (refresher check)

Students will also need to purchase EMSP liability insurance (PDF) before beginning their work in the classroom.


100 hours of Field Experience documented before you can Student Teach.  List of courses (PDF) with Required Field Experience Hours.