Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exams

Taking all MTLE Basic Skills Tests (Math, Reading, and Writing) and passing at least two of the three exams is one of the requirements for admission into the Teacher Education program. Preparation materials & answers to frequently asked questions are provided. If you have taken the ACT Plus Writing and received a composite score equal to or greater than 22 and a combined English/Writing or ELA score equal to or greater than 21 OR if you have taken the SAT and received a score equal to or greater than 510 on the Reading & Writing and a score equal to or greater than 520 on the Mathematics, then you do not need to take the MTLE Basic Skills exams. You will instead need to provide a copy of your ACT Plus Writing or SAT score to Paula O'Malley if you are taking classes on the Winona campus or to Karen Dunbar if you are taking classes on the Rochester campus. The following document is available for more information: Submitting ACT Plus Writing or SAT scores (PDF). 

In September 2010, the MTLEs became the statewide uniform means of assessing the basic skills and the pedagogical and subject-area knowledge of Minnesota K-12 teacher candidates. All candidates for an initial license are required to pass the basic skills tests as well as pedagogy and content area tests.

We understand that you may have many questions about these tests. The MTLE website has the most up-to-date information but here you can find answers to several frequently asked questions and resources to help you prepare for the exams.

Beginning September 1, 2010, Minnesota’s testing program is called MTLE: Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations. As of September 1, 2010, only MTLE tests can be taken for Minnesota licensure.

All WSU teaching programs require the basic skills tests (math, reading and writing).  Pedagogy and Content area tests are also required and are generally taken the semester before student teaching. The WSU MN MTLE & WI Praxis Chart (PDF) details these requirements.

Note: Passing scores from Praxis tests taken prior to September 1, 2010, will be honored until August 31, 2015.

You will be recommended for a license in any state by meeting the WSU teacher preparation program and test requirements for a MN Teaching License.

The issuing state licensure department will tell you what other test(s) and/or courses you need to meet their state requirements.

For a WI license, you must pass all the MN required exams and the additional Praxis II content test.

The WSU MN MTLE & WI Praxis Chart (PDF) details these requirements.

To sign up for the MTLE exams:

  1. Go to the MTLE website
  2. Click on tests on the top of the site and then select the test you want to register for
  3. Follow the prompts. Always list WSU as a recipient to receive scores even if you are taking the exams after you graduate.
  4. Answer “No” to the question: Are you pursuing a Minnesota teaching license through the Licensure via Portfolio option?

Once the online registration process is complete and the MTLE account is set up, a link will be available to the candidate to select a specific test date and location.

The test registration fee is $50. This is paid once per test program year regardless the number of tests taken. The test program year runs from 9/1-8/31.

The Basic Skills exams each cost $25. Pedagogy and Content Area exams vary in cost.

Payment Information

Test registration fees must be paid using a credit card (VISA or MasterCard only) or a debit or check card that carries the VISA or MasterCard logo and can be used without the entry of a personal identification number (PIN). Bank cards without a VISA or MasterCard logo cannot be accepted. The merchant name that will appear on your credit card statement is "Eval Systems Test Fee."

If you have a voucher (for example, if you participated in a pilot test), you may apply your voucher during the registration process.

If you do not have a VISA or MasterCard, contact Evaluation Systems for information about how to submit payment by check.

Financial Assistance Vouchers

Financial assistance vouchers may be available for college students who meet the eligibility criteria established by
their educator preparation institution. To apply for a voucher, contact the Dean of the College of Education. Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Retake Fee Vouchers

Examinees who have failed a subtest five or more times may be eligible for a fee voucher for subsequent attempts. To request a retake fee voucher, contact Evaluation Systems before registering to test.

There is a considerable amount of cost involved in taking the MTLE Tests. So, study hard ahead of time so that you are prepared for each test.

The Basic Skills tests vary in format and time limit:

  • Reading: 48 multiple-choice questions in 1 hour
  • Writing: 33 multiple-choice questions and 2 written assignments in 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Math: 50 multiple-choice questions in 1 hour and 15 minutes

Some students have shared that it helps to not take all of the Basic Skills tests on one day. In order to take the tests on three separate days, you have to register for them separately.

We’ve compiled a list of resources both online and at WSU to help you prepare for the MTLE exams.



MTLE exams may be taken at any test site listed on the MTLE website.

MTLE computer-based tests may be scheduled during the testing windows found on the MTLE website. The dates available depend on the testing center you choose when you register to take the exams. For more information you can contact the Minnesota Department of Education at mde.educator-licensing@state.mn.us or 651-582-8691.

Scores reports are typically released roughly three weeks after the last test day of the session. The MTLE website provides a schedule for when scores will be released.

A score of 240 or above is the passing score for all MTLE exams.

If you do not pass a test the first time, you are allowed to retake the test. You will have to register and pay for it again. You will also need to wait 40 days in between tests. So, if you take the test on June 1st, you could retake any time on or after July 11th.

However, you must pass two of the three Basic Skills Exams in order to be admitted into the Teacher Education program. The Pedagogy, Content Area tests and all three of the Basic Skills Exams must be passed in order to receive your teaching license.  If you have taken the ACT Plus Writing and received a composite score of 22 or higher, then this can be substituted for the Basic Skills Exams but not for the Pedagogy and Content Exams.

You need to keep a copy of your own score report for your files. The WSU Certification Officer will have access to your scores when you list WSU as a recipient for your scores.

You do not need to submit your scores to the MN Department of Education unless you are applying for a limited license.

Many students have shared that it is helpful to not take all of the MTLE Basic Skills exams on the same day.  However, in order to take the tests on three separate days, you have to register for them separately.