WSU students demonstrating how to fly a drone

Winona State University Theme

For WSU and for the Winona community, partnering around year-long themes has proven to be an effective strategy for bringing faculty, staff, students and community members to the engagement table.

Announcement: Dr. Michael Morris

University Theme Team presents Teach-In Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017, from 9-11am in SLC 120.

“Getting Students to Think Creatively”
Everyone has immense creative potential. The challenge is to nurture this potential within students and help them learn to act upon it. And like any skill or ability, it requires practice to get better at it. In this session, we explore the nature of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and how they relate to one another. Each involves elements that can be mastered by the student. Each involves a process that can be learned. The nature of an entrepreneurial mindset is examined and its applicability to any student in any major is discussed.  Sample modules on creativity, opportunity recognition, doing more with less, and other elements of this mindset will be introduced. These are modules that can be adapted  and integrated into any course. The role of experiential approaches in developing the creative and entrepreneurial potential of students is highlighted, with sample approaches introduced. Teaching approaches are linked to learning styles of students.

An Informal Seminar held in Somsen Hall 108 from 1:30-3:30pm.