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 DATE    TIME  EVENT  Sponsor *
 September 10
   4:00-6:00 pm
 Activism Jam
     7:00 pm
 Author Paul Loeb
 September 18
   7:00 pm
 Constitution Day
 Supreme Court Rules Supreme Court Rules,
 Prof. Matt Bosworth
 CLASP  Start 103
 September 30
   7:00 pm
 Marx in Soho, by Howard Zinn
 Sociology  Somsen Auditorium
 October 2
   7:00 pm
 WSU Land Stewardship,
 Prof. Bruno Borsari and Prof. Jim Reynolds, Emeritus
 CLASP  Stark 103
 October 5
     Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event
 October 9
   7:00 pm
 Me to We: An Innovative Social Enterprise for Making a Difference,
  Janice Sousa and Robin Wiszowaty
 CLASP  Stark 103
 October 11
     Community Organizing Workshop
 October 14-15
 Author Barry Estabrook
 Common Book
 October 16
   7:00 pm
 Civic Action in the 2012 Election in Minnesota
Profs. Charissa Eaton and Ruth Charles
 CLASP  Stark 103
 October 18-20
 October 22
     Campus Camp Wellstone
 October 30
   7:00 pm
 'When will we make potions?' - A Description of Elementary Science Clubs in Winona
Prof. Nathan Moore
 CLASP  Stark 103
 November 6
   7:00 pm
 Civic Action in the Civil Rights Movement,
 Profs. John Campbell and Tomas Tolvaisas, and Mr. Alex Hines
 CLASP  Stark 103
 November 7
     Ensemble Galilel - First Person Seeing America
 November 13    7:00 pm  Global Citizenship
Prof. Michael Bowler
 CLASP  Stark 103
 November 20
   7:00 pm  The Spark of Conscience: Ethical Issues Surrounding Conscientious Objection,
 Prof. Patrick Clipsham

 The War on Women ...
 Prof. Mary Jo Klinker
 CLASP  Stark 103
 January 22-26      Frozen River Film Festival  FRFF  Science Lab Building
 January 29
   7:00 pm  WSU Civic Action in Argentina
Prof. Vanessa Fernandez-Greene
 CLASP  Stark 103
 February 5
   7:00 pm
 The End of the Trail: Art or Artifact?
Prof. Chuck Ripley
 CLASP  Stark 103
 February 8

 Peace Corps Fest

 LaCE East Hall,
Kryzsko Commons
 February 12    7:00 pm  Student Civic Movements in Comparative Context
Prof. Edward Guernica
 CLASP  Stark 103
 February 21
   4:00 pm
 From Neither Here Nor There
 Guest Artist Raoul Deal

Exhibition Dates: Feb 17th thru Mar 12th
 Art Dept. and LaCE
 Watkins Gallery
 February 26    7:00 pm  Social Justice and Environmental Health
Profs. Kathryn Lammers and Carol Marchant
 CLASP  Stark 103
 March 19
   7:00 pm  American Indians and Teacher Training
Prof. Nancy Rogers-Stellpflug
 CLASP  Stark 103
 March 26
   7:00 pm
 Civic Action and the Library
 Tammi Owens
 CLASP  Stark 103
 April 2
   7:00 pm
 Can Armed Humanitarian Intervention Make for a More Civil International Society?: Moral Pros and Cons,
 Prof. Don Scheid
 CLASP  Stark 103
 April 3    4:00-6:00pm  Students in Action! celebration event  LaCE  
     7:00 pm  Author Robert Self  Lyceum  


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