The World

Travel Study

Travel Study Overview

Travel study programs are designed to encourage students to engage in critical thinking, experience first-hand the value systems and diverse lifestyles of other cultures, and participate in meaningful service learning project. Oftentimes interdisciplinary, these programs enhance student global and cultural awareness through constant engagement and reflection.

Travel study programs utilize the unique characteristics of an international location to extend learning to the world beyond classrooms in short-term courses taught by WSU faculty. The courses are designed by WSU faculty, who accompany a group of students abroad. Since travel study courses are usually held during summer or winter breaks, they do not conflict with students' regular class schedules. Most programs satisfy a University Studies or General Education requirement and/or count towards a particular major or minor.

Benefits of International Experience

  • To attain global competencies
  • To develop intellectual growth
  • To acquire career skills needed to compete in the 21st century global job market
  • To earn academic credits towards graduation
  • To understand cultures and ways of life of people from different parts of the world
  • To explore and compare knowledge, beliefs, and values of different cultures
  • To learn a second language
  • To relate classroom learning to real world experiences
  • To engage in exercises involving critical analysis, reflection, and transfer of knowledge
  • To balance academic course work and travel experiences

International Programs Mission Statement

Study Abroad and Travel Study programs help prepare WSU students to think globally and to compete in the new global economy. Students participating in these programs engage in enriched learning through first-hand experiences with people of different cultures and, where possible, through participation in meaningful service learning projects. Such experiential programs allow students to learn about the value systems and ways of life from people in other countries and how together we can improve the world.