Skyline of Chinese business district

China - Business

Course Summary
The travel study program focuses on student-based experiential learning related to business and cultural experiences to learn more about how business is conducted in the world’s most populated country. Prior to the travel study program, students will be exposed to basic information regarding the Chinese economy, businesses and cultural impacts of how business is conducted in China, and local businesses with Chinese operations. After the trip, students will prepare a report on what they have learned and relate it to a research topic that will enable them to go more in-depth into their learning about a business in China. (For example, students will research human resource policies in Chinese firms, expatriate training needed to effectively conduct business in China, lean practices in Chinese firms, environmental issues faced by Chinese firms, IT issues faced by Chinese firms, sustainability management practices employed by Chinese firms, issues with businesses entering the Chinese market and intellectual property issues, etc.). Students will develop a topic, approved by the instructor, that supports the student’s major and area of interest.

Important Dates
Travel Dates will be December 10-21, 2011.

There will also be pre-departure and post-trip meeting dates, which will be announced.

Brief Itinerary
• Trips to the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and the Great Wall
• Tea Ceremony and Hutong Tour
• Terra Cotta Warriors and Tang Dynasty Show
• Hupu River Cruise and Trip to Shanghai World Financial Center