Civil Rights

Program Summary

"Tracking the Civil Rights Movement, 1955-2014" is a new travel study program that offers students the choice of taking three or six credits by enrolling in one or two of the following courses:  History 151, “U.S. History Since 1865” (eligible for satisfying General Education goals 5, 7); History 220, “Introduction to African-American History” (eligible for satisfying General Education goals 6, 7); History 397, “Topics in History: The Revolutionary Sixties”; and/or History 398, “Topics in History with Oral Communications Emphasis: The American Civil Rights Movement Through Primary Sources” (eligible for satisfying General Education intensive course in oral communications requirement).  The two 300-level courses (History 397 and History 398) will help students meet Winona State University's graduation requirement of taking 40 credits of 300 and 400 level courses.   Both History 397 and History 398 have also been approved as electives in the WSU’s Women’s & Gender Studies Program (for a B.A. minor).


By visiting historically-significant Civil Rights Movement sites, as well as interacting one-on-one with veterans of the Movement, students will acquire a rich body of knowledge about this crucial aspect of recent American history. At the same time, students, through their encounters with contemporary Southern activists, will learn about community organizing techniques and connections between the past Civil Rights organizing efforts and those of today surrounding such vital issues as: voting rights, environmental justice, Black incarceration rates, and the "schoolhouse to jailhouse" phenomenon.  By spending two weeks travelling in Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi, students will also experience various aspects of Southern culture, whether it is food, music, or religious practices. 

You can register RIGHT NOW, as soon as you pay the deposit and fill out the paperwork. You DO NOT need to wait till summer school registration beginning in early March.


Summer school financial aid is available through WSU Financial Aid Office in Maxwell Hall.

Important Dates

Travel dates will be June 16-30, 2014, with in-class, pre-trip meetings held June 9-13 and in-class, post-trip meetings held July 2-3.

Tentative Itinerary 


  • Green McAdoo Cultural Center (Clinton, TN)
  • Highlander Research and Education Center (New Market, TN)
  • Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Sixteenth Baptist Church, Kelly Ingram Park (Birmingham, AL)
  • Rosa Parks Museum, Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church & Parsonage (Montgomery, AL)
  • Edmund Pettus Bridge and the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute (Selma, AL)
  • Lowndes County Visitors Center (White Hall, AL)
  • Medgar Evers home (Jackson, MS)
  • Jackson State University (Jackson, MS)
  • Tougaloo College (Jackson, MS)
  • Sites associated with Emmett Till (Mississippi Delta, MS)
  • B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center (Indianola, MS)


Upcoming Information Sessions

Wednesday, February 12th: 2-3 pm in Minne 243

Thursday February 13th: 3:30-4:50 in Minne 243


Contact Info

John Campbell                            Tomas Tolvaisas                        Alex Hines    

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