Italy - English

Course Summary

Dante in Italy (ENG 120 or 325) is a special topics course designed to focus on a particular work of literature. The course will explore the connection between the culture of Florence, Italy and Dante's Commedia (The Divine Comedy). This work was written in fourteenth-century Italy about the people and politics of Florence and the broader Tuscan region, and students participating in this travel study program will explore the art, geography, culture, and history that influenced the work and were influenced by the work. Students will read the work carefully and then trace the places that inform the work by visiting various sites in Florence and elsewhere in Italy. Moreover, they will be fully immersed in Italian culture with a sense of its medieval and Renaissance history. For instance, we will experience the music of Dante's era, which would have influenced his poetic form, and we will cook and eat the food of the region at the time of Dante.

Important Dates

Travel dates will be May 12 - 30, 2016.

Brief Itinerary

  • The Duomo Cathedral and Museum
  • Giotto's Bell Tower
  • The Baptistery of San Giovanni
  • Dante's House and Church
  • Cooking class and olive oil tasting
  • ...and much more!

Contact Info

Andrew Higl