Jamaican beach with palm trees

Jamaica Special Education

Course Summary
This travel study class will focus on the needs of individuals with disabilities and the impact of poverty on learning in the context of a different culture. WSU students will spend a week interacting with K-12 pupils in a children's home, assisting in public school classrooms, presenting information on disabilities to schoolteachers, and touring educational and residential facilities for children and adults living in poverty. Three service-learning components will be incorporated into class requirements. WSU students will provide enrichment activities to boys, ages 8-18, living at the Sunbeam Children's home. WSU students and faculty will be staying at the orphanage in dormitory facilities used for visiting mission teams. Other service learning aspects of the class will be assisting in public school classrooms located in the Spring Village community and providing workshops to area teachers on disabilities and teaching strategies.

Important Dates
Travel Dates will be over Spring Break, which is March 5-13, 2016.

*Applications are being accepted now.  The first 40 applications will be reviewed, and 15-20 students will be accepted for the trip.

Brief Itinerary
• Volunteer work at Sunbeam Children's Home
• Visit Pilgrimage Day in Kingston
• Relaxing beach activities!

Contact Info

Carol Long