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Travel Study Safety Information

This course is divided into the five video segments as outlined below. The video files have been supplied in Windows Media player (.WMV) format. 

Open (4 minutes)
Introduction to the possible problems a post 9/11 traveler can encounter and basic plans you can make to be prepared and safe while traveling.

Before You Go (8 minutes)
How to protect yourself by planning prior to travel. Concepts include: throw-away wallet, security pouch, emergency escape bag, alert code, packing tips, hotel, transportation, legal and health travel considerations. 

In Transit (3 minutes)
Learn to identify travel precautions that can minimize personal risk during air travel.

In Country (10 minutes)
Describes how to make yourself a "hard target" for potential criminals.

If Lightning Strikes (8 minutes)
Arrival at your destination is a vulnerable time because you are tired and getting your bearings. Learn how this is one of the most important times to pay attention to your surroundings. Simple concepts that are relatively easy to learn and incorporate into your daily life that will pay substantial security dividends.

Personal Emergency Action Plan (EAP) (Form)