Spain - The Road to Santiago

Course Summary

In this travel study trip, The Road to Santiago: A Cultural Pilgrimage, students will have the opportunity to take 6 credits while experiencing the differences between Spanish and European cultures, as well as the commonalities they share with American culture. The trip will start and end from Madrid, so students will have an opportunity to learn about life in a major city of the Spanish world, learn about how democratic institutions work in Spain, and visit Spain's major museums. The journey will begin in Pamplona, where students will pick up bikes and begin a 20 day journey through the north of Spain to the city of Santiago.

Important Dates

Travel dates will be from May 26, 2015 to June 19, 2015

Brief Itinerary

  • Tour of downtown Madrid, museums, and landmarks
  • Bicycling down the Road to Santiago
  • Various cultural learning activities

Contact Info

Juan Fernandez Iglesias