Course Summary

The Cultures and Ecology of East Africa – Tanzania (BIOL 365) is a specialized travel study course that deals with the cultural and natural resources of East Africa, specifically Tanzania.  One week of intensive classroom time will be followed by a three-week study tour.  During the classroom meetings a series of activities will introduce and explore concepts of multiculturalism, sustainability, wildlife ecology, and responsible ecotourism.  Emphasis will focus on human culture and natural resources found in Tanzania, East Africa.  Attention will be given to the cultural resources of the area - history, peoples, customs and traditions, etc.  A major part of this course is a three-week study tour through Tanzania.  During the tour we will visit a number of traditional villages, schools, cultural sites, several national parks and game reserves.  In the villages, interaction with the local people will occur.  In the lodges where we will be staying, interaction with local staff, employees, our guides, and travelers we will meet from other parts of the world will occur on a daily basis. Additionally, a three-day service learning component will be performed by our group in Mwanza, Tanzania.  Mwanza is a city in western Tanzania, on the shore of Lake Victoria. 

Important Dates

Travel dates are May 12 - June 3, 2015.

Brief Itinerary

  • Tour of several national parks and game reserves
  • Interaction with local people in traditional villages
  • Three-day service learning component in Mwanza
  • ...and much more!

Contact Information

John Nosek

Email: JNosek@winona.edu Phone: 507.457.2494