Faces of newly graduated Winona State University students

Tutoring and the Supplement to Instruction (S2I) Program really work

Students tell us:

“My tutor was very helpful, patient and offered to stay as late as I needed.  It was great!”

“I was very happy with the tutoring.  I only wish I had started going sooner!”
At WSU we want students to be academically challenged but we also want them to sincerely enjoy learning.  Tutoring Services is here to provide academic support for students every step of the way, from freshman year through graduation.

Quick Facts

  •  The average GPA for students using Tutoring Services is 3.1 (on a 4.0 scale)
  •  Students participating in the Supplement to Instruction (S2I) program improve their grade, on average, by nearly a letter grade (.71 on a 4.0 scale)
  •  Roughly 1800 students or twenty percent (20%) of WSU students use Tutoring Services every year
  •  Over 14,000 hours of academic assistance were provided in 2010-2011
  •  Over 45 peer tutors and S2I leaders are employed by Tutoring Services every semester