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General Information for Faculty Proposers

To submit a proposal for a University Studies course, please note the following. 

  1. If the course is a new course that has not been reviewed and approved by A2C2, you will need to complete the "New Course Proposal" for submission to A2C2 before submitting a University Studies proposal.  (See the "A2C2 Main Page" link for more information.)
  2. The "Directions, Cover Sheet, and Approval" link below provides instructions for submitting your proposal.  Incomplete proposals cannot normally be considered. 
  3. Each proposal must address each of the outcomes for the USP area in which approval is requested.  The "Program Overview and Requirements" document articulates the outcomes for each area.  Secondly, the proposal must provide a course syllabus (or other information) which identifies the course as a USP course and identifies the relevant outcomes, requirements, and activities.  See the list  of "Selected Model Proposals" for examples of excellent proposals. 
  4. Completed proposals (signed original plus 10 copies) should be delivered to the A2C2 Chairperson at least one week in advance of the scheduled University Studies Subcommittee meeting at which you request consideration of your proposal.  The USS normally meets every other Wednesday during the academic year.
  5. The University Studies Director will send an email announcement notifying the university community of the date and time of the scheduled review of your proposal.

If you have questions about the proposal process, please contact the University Studies Director or your college or area representative on the University Studies Subcommittee.

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