Build a community of learners. Online.

Blogs, Facebook and Twitter have essentially taken over the interwebs. But rather than hurtle blindly unto the social networking bandwagon, Winona State University is developing a social media strategy. If you are interested in participating in a social media pilot or if you already have a Facebook page or Twitter account, please contact us

Before starting an online social community, ask and answer the following questions:

WHOM: What group of people are you trying to reach (students, prospective students, parents, colleagues, the Winona community)?
WHY: What is your goal and desired outcome? (raise money, relay news, build awareness)
HOW: How will you evaluate your social media initiative? How will you define success? (number of program participants, level of engagement via comments, dollars raised)
WHAT: In what ways will you encourage ongoing participation (ask users to upload photos; post relevant news and information; start conversations by asking meaningful questions)?
WHO: Every community needs a leader. Who will be accountable for managing your online network (answer emails, respond to comments, post relevant content, etc.)?

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