Knowledge Skill = Dynamite Website

Get Web-Savvy.

Knowledge + Skill = Dynamite Website


We've all known the frustration of trying to parse our way through cluttered, information-dense websites. Web Com staff will teach you how to create a user-friendly website that is:

    • well-organized
    • relevant
    • helpful
    • engaging
    • optimized for search

Learn, hands on, at the Web Content Guidelines Workshop.
Or peruse the downloadable guide: Web Standards & Best Practices (PDF).



Once you have a solid understanding of the theory, you're ready to put it to practice. The Teaching Learning & Technology staff will teach you how to edit and update your pages using WSU's Content Management System (CMS).
    --Open Text I: Basic editing in web2010
    --Open Text II: Creating new pages in web2010

View the workshop course schedule, and register for a course.