Hi there.

Here in Web Communications, we are lucky to have the right mix of dream-it-up and get-r-done. We're friendly. We're creative. We're productive. And we love working with you. So don't hesitate to contact us with your questions and ideas.


Cristeen Custer

Cristeen Custer
Assistant VP of Marketing & Communications

They say we all have the same 24 hours in each day. But the myriad tasks, projects and people Cristeen manages to manage calls into question the very concept of linear time. It's tempting to suspect that she has an invisible fleet of handy worker-elves at her beck and call. She doesn't. She just works hard and earnestly. It helps that she really knows her stuff. Cristeen has the competence and decisiveness to lead the Web Com team effectively.

When you work with our team, we'll give you our best. Cristeen would accept no less. That's a good thing for us all.   

Mollee Sheehan

Mollee Sheehan
Director of Web Communications

A true believer in the power of collaboration, Mollee enjoys analyzing, strategizing and hashing through ideas together.

She is excited to be part of the movement on campus that is working to utilize web communications to share our experiences and knowledge, and to strengthen our sense of community.


Liz Meinders
Language Lover

Liz is a quintessential English buff. We bet she was probably reading to herself at an age when the rest of us crawled around in diapers, muttering goo-goo-gaga. It's no surprise that Liz grew up to major in English and minor in Mass Communications. She's an aspiring editor who will no doubt get some serious practice here in Web Communications editing our web pages.


Elizabeth Ortiz
Mission-Minded Media Maven

Liz's addiction to, err, enthusiasm for social media like Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogging, means she is right at home here in Web Comm. Liz is majoring in both Spanish and Communications Studies, and when she isn't busy planning her next trip to Budapest or Tokyo, she enjoys naps, Snapchat and updating her own personal blog. After graduating, she hopes to work in public relations for a non-profit so she can continue to live WSU's mission of "improving our world".

Katlyn Plourde
Social Savvy Design Guru

Katlyn is quick learning, has got an attention for detail and a knack for creativity and that makes her an invaluable asset to the Web Communications office. She has a love for all forms of social media as well as working in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. She is a Marketing Major graduating in the spring of 2014. After graduation, she hopes to move back to the Twin cities and find a job in web or digital communications. 

Leah Dobihal
Princess Leah of Prose

Not to be confused with the Star Wars heroine but every bit as daring and brilliant, Leah has found her home at Web Comm. Leah is an English-Writing and Spanish double-major and a Global Studies minor who loves to write, knit and read (“Oh my, I’m a grandma”). After graduation next May, Leah hopes to find a job that allows her do to do what she does best: write.


Melissa Van Grinsven
Master of Pins

We put out the call and Melissa answered. Melissa is our go-to-girl for everything photography, blogging, writing and, her favorite, Pinterest. She excels at our multifaceted, fast-paced office with her diverse skills and passions. She is majoring in Mass Communication: Journalism and graduates next May. In the future she sees herself in a career where she writes from home while sipping coffee on her front porch.

 Sharna Miller

Sharna Miller
Young Web Grasshopper

Sharna is our newest and most zealous employee. She is a Social Work major with a Psychology minor who one day hopes to become a licensed marriage family therapist. She enjoys working at Web Comm because it allows her to get in touch with her creative side and be apart of her university’s social media presence. 

  WebCom Hall of Fame - Past WebCom Students

Jacob Schwarzinger

Jake Schwarzinger '12
Communications Specialist, University of Delaware

Jake is the guy you want sitting in on your brainstorming sessions. He's got a real gift for turning creative lightning bolts into practical web solutions. He's especially keen at creating interactive web tools that help the campus community understand and use the web. He graduated with a Mass Comm: Broadcasting major, minoring in Computer Science, so he has expertise from both the communication and technology worlds; he marries the two seamlessly. We were lucky to have him on our team for three years and know he'll do big things in the future.




Linzey Sarreal ‘13
Associate Digital Account Executive, BBDO Proximity

Oh to try and fill Linzey’s shoes….
Linzey worked at Web Communications from the office’s early days and helped make it into what it is today. She graduated from WSU with a degree and Mass Comm: Advertising with a minor in Marketing and is putting it to use at BBDO Proximity, an advertising agency in Downtown Minneapolis. Linzey says she loves her new job and uses the skills she honed at Web Comm everyday. There is no doubt her blossoming creativity, industry insights and the positivity she brings into the work place will bring big things her way.