2014-2015 Member List




  Department Representative Alternate Alternate 2
1 Accounting Jim Kroger Gloria McVay  
2 Art Adrian Barr    
3 Biology Ed Thompson   (spring Judy Loewen)
4 Business Administration      
5 Chemistry Myoung Lee    
6 Communication Studies Emilie Falc Amy Hermodson  
7 Composite and Material Engineering      
8 Computer Science Tim Gegg-Harrison    
9 Counselor Education Robin Saner    
10 Elementary & Early Childhood Education Jonsung Wee Joan SaxBendix  
11 Economics Dan Kauffman    
12 Educational Leadership Theresa Waterbury    
13 Education Studies Nicholas Wysocki    
14 English J Paul Johnson Andrew Higl  
15 Finance      
16 Geoscience Steve Allard Candace Kairies Beatty  
17 Global Studies and World Languages Mike Bowler    
18 Health, Exercise & Rehabilitative Sciences Janet Macon Justin Geijer Connie Mettille
19 History (Paralegal, Law and Society) Erik Heinrichs    
20 Library Tammi Owens    
21 Marketing Bob Newberry / Russ Smith    
22 Mass Communication Davin Heckman    
23 Mathematics and Statistics Christopher Malone Tisha Hooks  
24 Music (Arts Administration) Eric Brisson Daniel Sheridan  
25 Nursing Terese Hemmingsen-Rochester Cathy Nosek Annette Caflisch
26 Philosophy Dave Speetzen    
27 Physical Education & Sports Science Raymond Martinez Doug Callahan  
28 Physics Sarah Phan-Budd    
29 Political Science and Public Administration Elissa Alzate Fred Lee  
30 Psychology Jess Siebenbruner Amanda Brouwer  
31 Recreation, Tourism, & Therapeutic Recreation Roger Riley    
32 Rochester Teacher Education Program Carrie Brouse Nancy Eckerson  
33 Social Work Charissa Eaton Ruth Charles  
34 Sociology/Criminal Justice/Geography Brian Aldrich Nicole Civettini  
35 Special Education Jeanne Danneker    
36 Theatre and Dance (Dance) Jim Williams    

Women and Gender Studies

CPPS 2014-2015 Member List

  College Representative Department
1 College of Science & Engineering Ed Thompson Biology
2 College of Science & Engineering Christopher Malone Mathematics/Stastistics
3 College of Education Nancy Eckerson/Carrie Brouse Rochester Teacher Education Program
4 College of Education Joan SaxBendix Elementary & Early Childhood Education
5 College of Liberal Arts Dave Speetzen Philosophy
6 College of Liberal Arts Jim Williams Theatre and Dance
7 College of Nursing & Health Sciences Justin Geijer Health, Exercise & Rehabilitation Sciences
8 College of Nursing & Health Sciences    
9 College of Business    
10 College of Business    


GEPS 2014-2015 Member List

  College Representative Representing (in bold) Department Term
  College of Liberal Arts Rita Rahoi-Gilchrest Director (ex-officio) Communication Studies  
  College of Science & Engineering Tim Gegg-Harrison Chair (ex-officio) Computer Science  
1 College of Liberal Arts Andrew Higl English English 2013-2016
2 College of Liberal Arts Amy Hermodson Communication Studies Communication Studies 2012-2015
3 College of Science & Engineering Tisha Hooks Mathematics/Statistics Mathematics & Statistics 2011-2014
4 College of Liberal Arts James Williams Liberal Arts Theatre & Dance 2011-2014
5 College of Science & Engineering   Science & Engineering   2014-2017
6 College of Business Dan Kauffman Business Economics 2013-2016
7 College of Education Jeanne Danneker Education Special Education 2013-2016
8 College of Nursing & Health Sciences Connie Mettille Wellness-Related Health, Exercise, Rehabilitative Sciences 2012-2015
9 College of Nursing & Health Sciences Annette Caflisch Nursing & Health Sciences Nursing-Rochester 2013-2016