Committee Charges A-B

A2C2 Academic Affairs and Curriculum Committee

Membership: Permanent
1 faculty per department; recommendations for membership are made by departments, not individuals; Faculty Senate makes appointments


  1. To recommend to the Faculty Association Senate on:
    • Degree requirements and new degree and non-degree program requirements
    • Curricular additions and changes forwarded by departments
    • The academic calendar
    • Portions of the WSU General Catalog that pertains to academic matters
    • Proposals and policies of the State University System and the WSU Administration that pertain to academic matters
  2. To review periodically majors, minors and the General Education program and make recommendations to the Faculty Association Senate
  3. To receive from and to discuss with members of the WSU Administration information pertaining to matters listed in a. and b. above
  4. To inform and to work with the University Budget Review, Functions and Planning Committee in cases of budget change or proposed retrenchment significantly affecting academic programs, and to make recommendations to the Faculty Association Senate

Academic Partnerships for Sustainability Committee

Membership: Permanent
9 members with preference for at least one representative from each college, one from the Rochester faculty and one non-teaching faculty representative


  1. To investigate how Winona State can collaborate with the Eagle Bluff center, including Engaged Research, Teaching and Scholarship and report to Senate within a year.


Action Committee

Membership: Permanent
10 member committee: WFA President, Vice President, Negotiator, both board members, co-chairs of GRC and three at-large representatives


  1. To execute, implement and coordinate actions consistent with collective bargaining priorities and goals set by the IFO membership, IFO Board of Directors, WSUFA Senate and WSUFA Executive Board
  2. To inform institution and/or individuals affected by the Master Contract of pressing issues of concern related to collective bargaining
  3. To initiate and organize collective bargaining impasse actions such as but not limited to publicity campaigns, letter writing, bannering and picketing

Advanced Program Assembly

Membership: Permanent
Each department that offers one or more Advanced Licensure Programs shall put forward one designated voting representative for each of its programs on the committee. Faculty Senate will make all appointments of faculty to serve on APA.


  1. The APA represents the advanced programs within the Professional Education Unit. The APA shall be the unit-wide decision-making body for Advanced Programs and shall conduct the business of this body. APA may, at its discretion, refer matters to the members of individual Advanced Programs for final decision. APA does not have authority over the governance of individual programs.
  2. APA will assume responsibility for coordinating and communicating with graduate education faculty throughout the Professional Education Unit. APA members will select three representatives, one of who will be the chairperson of the APA, to serve on the Dean’s Coordinating Council. The Professional Education Unit may not mandate any issues or concerns pertaining to the Advanced Programs without the approval of the Advanced Program Assembly. Should a decision by APA be in conflict with the IFO contract, the contract will take precedence.

American Democracy Project Advisory Committee

Membership: Permanent
9 members with a preference for one from each college plus non-teaching; a maximum of three members from any one department. Chair would receive three credits of release time each semester, Fall and Spring.


  1. To plan and execute campus-wide events that serve the mission of the ADP, to connect students and campus with the political processes of democracy

Athletics Review Committee

Membership: Permanent
The NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative will be a voting ex officio member. Three other faculty, preferably from separate colleges.


  1. To review reports produced by the Athletics Department relate to NCAA and the University’s Division 2 Athletic Mission Statement
  2. To provide a forum for issues and questions both from other teaching faculty to the Athletic Department and issues and questions that the faculty in the Athletic Department have with other teaching faculty’s relationship to athletics

Bookstore Committee

Membership: Permanent
Unspecified number of faculty positions


  1. To make recommendations to the Faculty Association Senate concerning the operations of the campus bookstore
  2. To serve as a forum or conduit for comments and questions that faculty wish to communicate to the bookstore staff and the bookstore staff members wish to communicate to the faculty

Budget Committee

Membership: Permanent
8 faculty positions available (1 per college, 1 non-teaching, WSU-FA President and Vice President)


  1. To review university budgets and priorities, report to Senate its analyses of these issues and priorities and recommend positions the Senate may wish to take regarding the allocation of the university’s budget resources
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