Committee Charges C-F

Career Services Advisory Committee

Membership: Permanent
Representation from all colleges and Rochester is desired, up to three from each college and non-teaching.


  1. To provide feedback to Career Services and see how the program can work better for/with faculty

CAST Advisory Committee

Membership: Permanent
7 members with a preference given to faculty representing departments and programs that coordinate their courses with the CAST program and the NCPTC


  1. To Advise the CAST program

Catalog Review Committee

Membership: Permanent
Unspecified number of faculty positions


  1. To review catalog copy before going to print

Center for Mississippi River Studies Committee

Membership: Permanent
Unspecified number of positions


CLASP Lecture Series Committee

Membership: Permanent
15 members, preference for one from each college and non-teaching and from Rochester


  1. To plan and coordinate the campus-wide CLASP lecture series featuring presentations by faculty, staff and community members on a variety of topics, although the committee should tie presentations to the University Theme when feasible

Committee on Committees

Membership: Permanent
8 faculty, 5 elected by their colleges, 1 elected by Rochester faculty, plus the 2 most recently elected WSU Faculty Association Presidents


  1. To review the committee structure
  2. To propose changes in the committee structure and in functions of the committees
  3. To recommend committee assignments to the Senate
  4. To receive and review minutes of the Faculty Association Senate concerning changes in structure and charges to standing committees and report to the Senate as necessary
  5. To recommend charges for newly designated committees
  6. To periodically review and update charges of standing committees

Elections and Procedures Committee

Membership: Permanent
5 faculty positions available


  1. To formulate and recommend election procedures within the guidelines of the WSU Faculty Association Constitution
  2. To inform each Association member of an impeding election and request that those members who desire their names to be on the ballot submit a signed statement to that affect and also call the FA Secretary on campus and notify them verbally of their intent to run
  3. To conduct elections to fill positions on the Senate and any elected committees with the exception of A2C2, whose members are recommended by each department

Executive Committee

Membership: Permanent
No faculty volunteers; membership determined by position in the WSUFA governing structure


  1. To serve as an advisory body to the WSUFA Senate, offering, as it or the WSUFA Senate sees fit, non-binding recommendations on matters before the WSUFA Senate
  2. To represent, at Meet and Confer sessions, the WSUFA Senate and the policy positions it adopted
  3. To add, only rarely, to the Meet and Confer agenda inquiries on matters on which the WSUFA Senate has not yet acted upon, these to be added under the following circumstances:
    • A majority of the Executive Committee members voted in favor of adding the inquiry or inquiries to the Meet and Confer agenda
    • The matters must have arisen suddenly and after the most recent WSUFA Senate meeting and must also be matters that require urgent attention
    • The Executive Committee must clearly identify the Meet and Conger inquiry or inquiries it added and explain the urgency in each case at the subsequent WSUFA Senate meeting
  4. To convene unscheduled Meet and Confer sessions only with the prior approval of the WSUFA Senate and ordinarily to meet in open session, but to discuss particularly sensitive issues in executive session only if:
    • A majority of the Executive Committee members agree to do so, and
    • The open session resumes following the discussions of the issues in question
  5. Take on charge of Membership Committee as listed:
    • To develop and implement the local membership campaign
    • To verify the accuracy of the IFO membership records with the State IFO office each semester
    • To advise the Faculty Association on the status of membership
    • To send letters of intent via U.S. Mail to collect Fair Share dues for the academic year

Faculty Association Scholarship Committee

Membership: Permanent
Unspecified number of faculty positions


  1. To develop criteria for awarding Faculty Association-Support Staff Scholarship Funds
  2. To advertise and solicit applications for the Faculty Association-Support Staff Scholarship
  3. To screen applicants and recommend three awards in rank order to the Faculty Association Senate for selection
  4. To promote faculty contributions and act as liaison to WSU Foundation in monitoring Scholarship management

Faculty Development Committee

Membership: Permanent
Maximum of 8 members, preferably one per college with two at large. If there are no volunteers from a particular college in the Spring, the positions will be held until Fall to give faculty from that college an opportunity to apply.


  1. To create opportunities for faculty to engage in innovation and renewal in the teaching environment
  2. To assist faculty in the achievement of personal and professional growth
  3. To coordinate faculty activities that lead to an increase in collegiality

Faculty OCED Oversight Committee

Membership: Permanent
3-year staggered terms. Prefer one from each college plus non-teaching plus someone representing graduate studies.


  1. Review all OCED academic issues and nominate from among committee members any candidates for positions on All-University OCED Councils or Committees

Feminist Issues Committees

Membership: Permanent
Unspecified number of faculty positions


  1. Initiate discussion of gender-related issues affecting IFO personnel; disseminate information on these issued to faculty and administration
  2. Sponsor and coordinate campus events relating to gender issues; work with other groups such as Women Studies Program or Womenís Resource Center on such events
  3. Select one member as a delegate to the statewide Feminist Issues Committee

Frozen River Film Festival Committee

Membership: Permanent
Prefer one from each college plus non-teaching


  1. The Frozen River Film Festival Committee will explore and help establish curricular connections between WSU and the festivalís themes and activities.
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