How it Works

Reserving a Zipcar

Members can reserve a Zipcar in six different ways. At the time of reservation, a wireless signal is sent to the Zipcar. Just walk up to the reserved car, hold your Zipcard up to the windshield and the doors and ignition will unlock.

Your Zipcard will only open the car you have reserved during the time you reserved it, which means no one else can open your Zipcar during that time.

Using a Zipcar

The keys are inside the Zipcar, tethered to the dashboard. Gas and insurance are included in the hourly rate. A fuel card inside the car can be used to fill up.

Remember to be courteous and never leave a car with less than ¼ tank. When you are done, just return the Zipcar to its reserved parking spot.

WSU’s Zipcars

WSU has two Zipcars located by Kryzsko Commons:

  •  2010 Toyota Prius "Punchy"
  •  2012 Ford Focus "Fortune"