Alumni FAQ's

Q:  Now that I am an alumni is there an additional cost to use Career Services?

A:  All of our services are free to registered WSU students and alumni.
Q: What is "career development"?
A:  “Career development” describes a cycle many people go through as they choose and pursue a career. Because the average American changes careers (not just jobs, but entire career paths) as many as five times during a working lifetime, most people go through the cycle of career development repeatedly.

The cycle begins with taking stock of your current situation, and what you want (self-assessment), identifying and evaluating viable options (career exploration), deciding on a course of action and setting goals, preparing for and executing a job search, and managing your career. This last step includes actively taking responsibility for the currency of your skills; keeping tabs on the economic and corporate environments you work in and the trends that are affecting them, and staying tuned to your sense of satisfaction with the course and direction of your work life.
Q: What career services are available to alumni?
A:  Alumni are welcome to use all Career Services including On-Campus Interviews when an employer expresses interest in interviewing Alumni.  Our career advising services can help you explore new possibilities if you are considering a career change. We can also help you develop a strategy for a job search, whether it is your first after-graduation search or you are a mid- to late-career professional. We help with resumes, interview preparation, networking and finding alumni contacts.  To receive notifications about employers on campus and to receive career development tips, join the Career Services Facebook fan page.
Q: I'm miserable (bored, not challenged, stuck...) in my current job, can you help?
A:  If you're willing to ask the questions, we're here to help you find answers. Call (507) 457-5878 for an appointment in Winona or (800) 366-5418 for an appointment in Rochester.  Career Services also offers phone appointments and email critiquing of professional documents for those unable to travel to either campus.