On Campus Employer Visits

  • Employers seeking full-time entry-level candidates and/or interns may wish to set-up an on-campus visit using this on-line form.
  • A schedule listing your hiring needs will be made available on-line for students to sign-up and submit their resume
  • Specific student populations can be targeted to ensure the best possible selection of candidate
  • Career Services can make arrangements for an on-campus information session or coordinate an on-campus interview schedule
  • A typical interview day consists of twelve 30-minute interview times; however, online schedules can be customized to meet your
  • Employers have the option of pre-screening resumes and selecting the candidates they wish to interview or use an open schedule  

    Set-up a Visit Today!
    Complete the On-campus Employer Visit form and return to our office.  If you have any questions contact us: Winona State University, Career Services, 314 Maxwell, Winona, MN  55987 email career@winona.edu or call 507.457.5340.