Minnesota Zoo Discount Cards

The Human Resources Office is pleased to announce that the Minnesota Zoo Discount Cards are available!

This card entitles the holder and guests to
  • $2 off Adult Zoo Admission
  • $1 off Child & Senior Zoo Admission
  • $1 off IMAX Admission
Did you know...
  • Using echolocation, dolphins can find an object as small as a ping-pong ball from a football field away.
  • No two tigers have the same stripes.
  • Eagles re-use nests and add to them each year. Well-established nests may grow as large as 10 feet across, 20 feet deep and weigh over 2 tons!
  • The coyote is able to adapt to many environments - even urban ones. In 1995, a pair was found in NYC.
Cards available at:
Human Resources Office (Somsen 114) ~Winona Campus
Student & Life Services Front Desk (SS 128) ~ Rochester Campus