Students on campus - Charting the Future for a Prosperous Minnesota

Charting the Future

Winona State University and other Minnesota State schools across the state are engaged in a collaborative process to identify new ways to:

  • better serve our 435,000 students and our communities across the state
  • strengthen our colleges and universities
  • protect their unique character and autonomy

The project is called Charting the Future and stems from six recommendations developed with input from 5,000 faculty, staff and students and adopted by the Minnesota State System Board of Trustees in November 2013.

The system office has provided the campus the 2015-2016 work plan for charting the future.

After receiving the work plan above, the Charting The Future campus implementation team broke out the items and classified them as campus-based items requiring action by campus community, campus-based items that are currently voluntary, or system-based item that invite our participation. This plan can be found here.

Implementation Teams

Charting the Future (CTF) implementation teams are campus-led teams comprised of students, faculty, and staff from campuses across the state. The teams are focused on areas such as Student Success, Diversity, Comprehensive Workplace Solutions, and System Incentives & Rewards and are responsible for translating the Charting the Future recommendations into a set of strategies and initiatives for implementation.

The following individuals from Winona State University will take on key roles for Charting the Future and give WSU a voice in the Charting the Future implementation process.

  • Edward Conlin, Student rep. on System Incentives and Rewards implementation team
  • Josh Hanson, Co-Convener and Student rep. on Student Success implementation team
  • Colette Hyman, IFO rep. on Diversity implementation team
  • Ken Janz, Campus subject matter expert on Education Technology implementation team
  • Chad Kjorlien, MSUAASF rep. on Education Technology implementation team
  • Cara Luebke, Student rep. on the Competency Certification and Credit for Prior Learning implementation team
  • Robin O'Callaghan, MAPE rep. on Education Technology implementation team
  • Barb Oertel, Campus subject matter expert on Student Success implementation team
  • Scott Olson, Convener of Diversity implementation team, Steering Committee member
  • Tracy Rahim, MSUAASF rep. on Student Success implementation team
  • Tracy Rahim, MSUAASF rep. on System Incentives and Rewards implementation team

View the full implementation team rosters.

Gallery Walk

A Gallery Walk is an open-house-style event that will allow students, faculty, staff, and community members to engage fully in the discussion as the CTF Implementation Teams present their work to date, share insights from their research, and test initiative ideas.

The CTF Gallery Walks create opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders to provide feedback on Implementation Teams’ initial strategies and initiatives. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their insights and concerns to inform ongoing efforts and ensure feasibility of implementation of strategies and initiatives. All feedback will be made available online so that campuses can view others’ comments.

WSU Gallery Walk

Winona State University hosted a Charting the Future Gallery Walk this past March, in East Hall, Kryzsko Commons. Students, faculty, staff, and the community were invited to attend this open-house style event to learn more about the work of the CTF teams and respond to these initial ideas.

For those unable to attend, more information and resources are available on the CTF Blog. Send feedback and ideas to or tweet using @MinnStateEdu or #ChartingTheFuture.

How Do I Get Involved?

All students, faculty, staff, and community members at all of our colleges and universities are being asked to share what they think about Charting the Future and the proposed initiatives.

To learn more, visit the Charting the Future blog. You can also join the conversation by following @MinnStateEdu and using #ChartingTheFuture, or sending ideas, concerns or feedback to