Building a Planning Foundation

In academic year 2014 Winona State identified its planning priorities and established a planning foundation. Our priorities can be summed up as 5Ps. 

  • People: about civility, diversity, a more hospitable campus climate, and better communication with and amongst our faculty, staff, and students
  • Programs: about keeping our current academic programs strong while exploring new program offerings that are relevant and responsive, about great student life opportunities, and about the integration of learning experiences
  • Price: about keeping WSU affordable by controlling costs
  • Place: about enhancing the beauty of this already beautiful campus and sharing our arboretum, about modeling sustainability, about making the river an inextricable part of us, about being fully engaged in the community, and about striking the balance between Winona being Winona and Rochester being Rochester
  • Pride: about realizing our distinctiveness and excellence and telling our story, revitalizing existing traditions and creating new traditions that fuel our mission
We also developed a new planning structure with the establishment of a Long Range Planning Committee. The Long-Range Planning Committee along with the Finance and Facilities Committee and the Improvement, Accreditation and Assessment Committee will recommend initiatives, identify budget allocations and design processes to assess the effectiveness of funded projects.