Winter Session

With Winter Session classes, you can make progress if you feel behind in your program or want to fast-track your time to graduation.

Most Winter Session classes are delivered entirely online and are held over the WSU Winter Break.

Important Dates

  • Oct. 10: View available classes in Web Registration
  • Week of Oct. 31: Current students can register for Winter Session when their Spring registration window opens
  • Nov. 7, 8am: Non-WSU students can start to register for Winter Session
  • Nov. 21: Low-enrollment course cancellations will be announced
  • Dec. 1: Winter Session bills available for viewing
  • Dec. 10 - Jan. 7, 2023: Dates for Winter Session courses
  • Feb. 4, 2022: Winter Session payments are due

This Year's Winter Session Courses

Explore the classes offered for this year's Winter Session.

Course Prefix & Number
Course Title
Registration Link
ACCT 211
Financial Accounting Principles
ACCT 212
Managerial Accounting Principles
ECON 201
Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 202
Principles of Macroeconomics
EDFD 150
Introductory Field Experience
ENG 112 Research Writing 1 Register
FIN 360
Corporate Finance
HIST 397
Topics in History: Crime & Punishment in Latin America
3 Register
LGLS 101
Introduction to American Law
LGLS 381
Legal Studies Topics & Issues: Employment for Law Firm
3 Register
MGMT 325
Organizational Dynamics
MGMT 495
Strategic Management
NURS 493
The Patient's Voice: Experiences of Illness
POLS 341
Health Care Politics & Policy
3 Register
PSY 420
Abnormal Psychology
3 Register
SOC 212
Sociology of Families
3 Register


Winter Session registration opens at the same time Spring registration opens.

Winter Session classes will be listed with Spring semester classes, but all will be labeled "winter" in the course title.

When you enroll in Winter Session, remember you will be completing a semester’s worth of coursework in a condensed timeline. Because of this, a 3-credit course may require 40 or more hours of time to learn, apply and assess the course content.

Taking more than one Winter Session class is very ambitious. Consult with your advisor before registering for a second course.

Students can enroll in 21 credits at maximum between Winter Session and Spring Semester. If you wish to exceed this limit, you will need to receive permission from the Dean of the College that houses your degree program.

If you decide to drop or withdraw from a Winter Session course after you have registered, you will need to contact the Warrior Hub. Students will not be able to process Winter Session course modifications through their eServices.

Visiting & Guest Students

If you are a current student at another Minnesota State school, you should register for your Winona courses through your home institution's eServices account.

Select "Courses and Registration" and then "Search for a Course." In the dropdown for "College/University," select Winona State. Find your desired course and select the add button on the left. Follow the steps on the top of the page to register (use the "Equivalent" button that looks like a magnifying glass to see if a WSU course is equivalent to courses at other Minnesota State schools).

Remember that Winter Session courses are listed in our Spring Semester course schedule and you can filter by the term "winter" to populate only the Winter Session course options.

Guest students from outside of the Minnesota State system should complete a Guest Student Registration Agreement Form before registering.

After your application is processed, you will receive information regarding the activation of your StarID. You will register for classes through the WSU Student eServices portal.

If you require help with registration, please contact the Warrior Hub.

All Guest Students with intentions of transferring a WSU course back to another institution are encouraged to talk with the records and registration office at their home institution to verify how the WSU course(s) will transfer.

Billing & Financial Aid

You will be assessed additional tuition and fee charges for taking Winter Session courses. These are separate from your Fall and Spring semester charges.

Winter Session courses will be billed at the Spring 2023 per-credit tuition and fee rates.

Financial Aid options and eligibility will be determined through consultation with a financial aid advisor. Email to learn more.

Graduation After Winter Session

If Winter Session will be your last term before graduation, please contact Financial Aid and discuss potential aid implications of having your degree posted earlier than May 2023.

Also, be sure you complete a graduation application. Select Spring as your intended term of graduation and select Winter Session as your degree conferral term/date.