Keeping Teaching

Temporary Remote Teaching Resources

From weather to illness or family emergency to pandemic, there are several reasons you may be required to take your class online with minimal notice.

This guide will provide you with some key actions, considerations, and resources to help you make that shift as quickly as possible.

What to Do – The Basics

Start with Brightspace

If you have not already done so, Access and Activate your Brightspace courses. Courses that are not activated are not visible to students.

Once activated, you can use your Brightspace course as the hub for your instruction and communication with students.

Review and Update your Syllabus and Class Schedule

Review your syllabus and determine what changes need to be made.

  • Should assignment deadlines be updated?
  •  Will course policies need to be altered?
  • Do course activities and/or assessments need to be modified?

Determine your priorities and make a plan. Provide some flexibility in your schedule to accommodate the transition. Once edited, share that updated syllabus with students immediately to prevent confusion or questions.

If you need help making these adjustments, please contact TLT or ACE for assistance.

Communicate with Students Online

Be sure to communicate with your students early and often. Provide a strong online presence for your students.

You can post announcements or send emails to your students sharing your plans and expectations with them. Stay in contact with students to ensure they have what they need.

Organize your Course Materials

Think about the organization of your Brightspace course. Upload your content and materials in an organized fashion.

For example, use modules, units, or weeks as containers for related course materials and activities.

Upload your content into Brightspace. Be sure to name your files appropriately so that there is no question what a file is. This will eliminate questions that students may have.

Remember to make your course structure simple for you to create and for your students to navigate. A potential structure may look like this:

D2L Brightspace screenshot 


Get familiar with Zoom, the WSU web conferencing tool.

You can use Zoom to communicate in real-time with students, hold small group meetings and discussions, record and share lectures and discussions, and more. All faculty, staff, and students have access to this tool.

It is quick and easy to learn and is compatible with a wide range of devices. This makes it easier to “hold class” and keep in touch with your students.

Want to make Zoom meetings a little more fun?

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