Family/Student Checklist

Family members should:

  • Record student’s address, phone and e-mail address.  Discuss having regularly scheduled phone call times
  • Check homeowner insurance for coverage of student belongings; or consider renter's insurance
  • Record serial numbers and take photos of expensive items before moving them
  • Check with health insurance carrier on consequences of part time enrollment status
  • Send immunization information and any necessary health information to WSU Health Services
  • Decide about any recommended immunizations
  • Discuss with your student who is paying for what; and how parent will access billing information as needed
  • Discuss move-in day arrangements with the whole family
  • Think about care packages and family visit times
  • Learn how WSU communicates in an emergency situation and discuss how your family might keep in touch if a situation occurs
  • Make plans for family weekend-- motels/hotels, transportation, etc.

Students should:

  • Know Warrior (tech) ID, PIN, and passwords
  • Have your original social security card, birth certificate or passport for employment forms
  • Contact roommate(s) if applicable, and arrange who will be bringing big items
  • Complete the S.A.F.E. online course (contact WSU Health Services)
  • Have copies of warranties or service agreements (if applicable)
  • Have insurance card and information for vehicle. Or Go Green and bring a bike instead!
  • Have copy of health insurance card.  WSU offers optional health insurance and some services are provided by student fees
  • Have a month's supply of prescription medications, and know where to refill them.
  • Complete all financial aid forms, including signed award letter, and online direct loan promissory note
  • Plan to stay in Winona for the critical first six weekends (recommended for successful friendships and fun)