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Army ROTC at WSU

The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is a series of elective courses offered at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (UW-L), for students attending UW-L, Viterbo University, Winona State University, and Saint Mary's University. The program combines college electives in military science with practical leadership training to prepare men and women to become Army officers.


How it Works

ROTC is not a major. It is designed to compliment your regular college courses, not interfere with them. ROTC courses fit right into your regular college schedule. You can enroll in ROTC for the first two years (the "Basic Course") without any future military commitment. Once you accept a scholarship or begin your junior year of ROTC (the "Advanced Course"), you make a commitment to serve as an officer in either the Active Army, the Army Reserve, or the Army National Guard upon graduation. The initial active duty obligation is either three or four years.



Winona State University and the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse have an agreement that WSU pays for a student's ROTC classes if the student maintains at least 12 WSU credits. The student's semester total must be18 or fewer credits with ROTC classes included.



The first step to enroll in ROTC is to apply online. Note these tips:

  • Under "Applying as": WSU students check WSU ROTC
  • Under "I'm intending to take a course in the following school/college": Choose Liberal Studies
  • Under "Please indicate your educational goals", check Baccalaureate Degree and Other and then write in ROTC at WSU
  • When asked for an applicant statement, write: I'm a cadet at WSU participating in ROTC through UW-L

After admission, go and register for the class you are taking. This must be done before the Friday of the first week of the UW-L semester. Since WSU classes begin earlier, you have plenty of time to register. Do not count on your instructor being willing to sign an Add/Drop slip after that date.

Contact the La Crosse ROTC office for more information or call 608.785.8408