WSU Parent and Family FAQ

We know concerned and caring family members need information.  You might also want to view FAQ's at Ask WSU.

WSU's Purple Pass lets students purchase campus products and service without having to carry cash. Students and families or friends can add to the balance anytime. Maybe tomorrow's latte or vending machine treat can be on you!

Downtown Winona is in easy walking distance, but your student will probably want to go farther away once in awhile. On-campus shuttles and a city bus system, out-of-town shuttle services, Zipcar rentals, Amtrak, taxis, and even free rental bicycles cover all the options. Commercial passenger airports nearby are La Crosse, WI; Rochester, MN; and Minneapolis, MN. Airport shuttles serve the campus from each location.

WSU Family weekend will be September 26-28, 2014. The schedule is jam-packed with fun for all ages!

WSU works hard to provide safety and security for students, staff and visitors. Qualified security personnel are always available at 507-457-5555.

We all need a little help sometimes. The Counseling Center provides emotional/mental health therapy and support. Advising Services, Tutoring Services, Student Support Services, and Access Services are academic resource areas for your student. Health Services provides wellness programming, on-campus appointments with physicians or nurse practitioners, lab services, pharmacy services, and much more. If your student lives in a residence hall, the RAs and/or Hall Director can be a great resource, too.

WSU friends and alumni are joining forces to support the campus community in many ways. Our Adult & Continuing Education office offers many opportunities for your own lifetime learning, too.

WSU must comply with state and federal data privacy regulations. There are some exceptions, but we won't always be able to answer all your questions, unless your son or daughter signs a waiver.