Visiting Student Agreement

Students are classified as undergraduate visiting students if 

  • they are taking undergraduate courses for enrichment or general interest
  • they are enrolled at another college or university and want to earn WSU credit to transfer back to their current institution
  • or they will only be visiting and have no intention of earning a WSU degree.  

Applicants must provide the following:

Complete a visiting student agreement form.  A link to a printable form can be found on the WSU Registrar webpage.  (Note:  This is not an application for high school students.  High school students must use the step by step guide, create an account online and complete the online application.)  Questions about the form can be directed to the WSU Warrior Hub at 507-457-2800.

The student must submit transcripts of previous college work or a Statement of Good Standing if the WSU credit will be transferred to another institution.

The admissions decision is based on the same standards established for students entering directly from high school, or if applicable, for transfer or adult entry students.