WSU Speak

Fast-forward your campus knowledge with these WSU definitions

Built-up room: Rooms adapted to accommodate an additional student.  These are short-term solutions needed to accommodate a rising number of students living in the residence halls.  Built up rooms usually are necessary for less than one semester.

Clickers:  Interactive approach to classroom lectures proven to increase attention and interest.  Each student uses a device (like a TV remote) to answer questions posed by the instructor.

Computrace:  An optional, for-fee laptop theft recovery system that uses a tracking mechanism.

Community Liaison: A terrific advocate and resource for students.  The community liaison is located in Kryzsko Commons, and can help with issues of living off campus, tenant rights, navigating city/county department resources and answering questions about Winona.

D2L:  The Desire to Learn (D2L) web portal offers students the opportunity to access eLearning programs and classroom materials online. Each student has the D2L!

DARS:  The Degree Audit Report System (DARS) is like academic GPS.  DARS assists a student and his/her adviser in determining the student's academic progress and is useful in navigating toward graduation.

Digital Life and Learning: WSU has a 100% wireless campus and each WSU student is provided with a fully configured PC or Mac laptop computer, software, network access, technical support, and training.

Free Hug Guy/Free Hug Girl:  Need a hug away from home? If you're lucky, you'll run into a Free Hug Guy or Girl.  Watch for the signs.

Kryzsko Kash:  Funds that are credited to the student's account that can be used at dining service venues throughout campus.  Students love their Kryzsko Kash.

KQAL:  Set your dial to 89.5 FM, the student-staffed campus radio station.  KQAL provides classical, jazz, rock and indie music, educational programming and WSU Warrior play-by-play coverage.

Lake Park/Levee Park:  Winona is known as the Island City, nestled between the Mississippi River and Lake Winona and surrounded by bluffs.  Warm days find students at Lake Park or enjoying the beautiful Mississippi River at Levee Park.

Mugby Junction:  On and off campus coffee shop in Winona.  Students can use Kryzsko Kash at Mugby Junction.

Mugshots:  Student-run coffeehouse that provides a stage for student performers.

Registration code:  No waiting in multiple lines to register like some of us remember.  Students receive their registration access code from their adviser or orientation leader, then register online each semester. 

Residential College:  Faculty members join with residents of the three halls on WSU's West Campus to integrate academic topics with residence life.  Students live and learn!

RHA:  Residence Housing Association (RHA) is a student-run organization that coordinates programs and activities that are often educational and always fun!  RHA includes every student in the residence halls.

SRC:  The Student Resource Center (SRC) is a one-stop resource for information about admissions, financial aid, registration, advising, career and employment, housing, parking, library services, the Winona area, and more.

Smaug:  Pronounced "smog", this popular dining center and gathering space is on the main floor of Kryzsko Commons.

SSS:  Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded TRIO program that provides support to underrepresented students to help them reach graduation.

Star Alert: A wireless notification service that can send emergency messages to students through text and email.

Sugarloaf:  This legendary landmark is a rocky bluff that towers 500 feet above Lake Winona.

Warrior Hub:  Located online and in Maxwell Hall, the Warrior Hub provides integrated academic and administrative services in a central place for easy access by students.

Wazoo:  Our beloved mascot at WSU.

Winona360:  Multimedia news and information website produced by the Mass Communication department for students to learn and produce new media and engage in participatory journalism.

The Winonan:  The official student newspaper of WSU, staffed by students and published weekly during the academic year.