Winona State University Focuses on Helping Adult Students

Winona State University recently joined the Coalition of Adult Learning Focused Institutions (ALFI). Colleges and universities in the Coalition strive continuously to improve their programs and services for adult students, assess their adult degree programs regularly, and share “best practices” for adult learners with other Coalition members.

WSU is committed to helping adult learners succeed.  The Adult Entry Program (AEP) provides academic advising and support tailored to the needs of adult learners. Our AEP advisors understand the experiences, needs and opportunities that make adult students unique. Personalized advising is provided to get students off to a successful start at WSU.  

WSU has two degree programs specifically designed to serve adult learners. The new online Healthcare Leadership and Administration (HLA) completion degree program serves as an academic and career pathway for allied health professionals who have earned an associate’s degree and wish to complete a bachelor’s. It is completely online and offers 2-, 3- and 4-year completion plan options so that busy students can choose the route most appropriate for them.

The Individualized Studies major and minor options are for the mature student with a desire to self-design a degree program tailored to individual needs. It allows each student to expand upon the knowledge that they’ve already gained and determine what coursework best meets their current and future goals. Individualized Studies is also extremely flexible in that students have more freedom to choose courses that meet during the times that work best for them and/or through the delivery formats that best coordinate with their busy lives.

For more information on these adult learner friendly programs, please access the following resources Adult Entry Program:

Healthcare Leadership and Administration Bachelor of Applied Science:; HLA Flyer (PDF)

Individualized Studies Bachelor of Arts:; Individualized Studies Flyer (PDF)

The ALFI Coalition is an alliance of members of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) who demonstrate their commitment to improving their services to adult learners by completing the ALFI surveys. The surveys, based on CAEL’s research on how to serve adult learners effectively, identify and compare how students, faculty, staff, and administrators perceive the services offered by the institution. The data provided help an institution identify its strengths and challenges, plan strategically for the future, and discover how best to allocate resources for the greatest impact. Data also serve as a baseline, enabling an institution to establish consistent measurements for the impact of their adult programs

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