Digital Badges at Winona State

The partnership between Winona State University and Credly’s Acclaim platform provides members of our learning community, both on and off campus, the opportunity to earn and share digital badges. Digital badges are credentials awarded to individuals to publicly certify educational competencies, achievements, and skills attained through academic learning. In our increasingly digital society, the stakes are high for individuals to communicate their skills in real-time, and badges are an effective means to digitally share and verify learning.

Badges are digital icons that can be used to document and communicate a learning achievement or credential. Badges contain metadata that provides the context and verification of the learning, such as the criteria that were met to earn the badge. Badges from WSU are not awarded lightly. Only individuals who meet each and every criterion will earn the badge. Because they are digital, badges can be shared within social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as other forms of digital forms such as email, websites, and digital resumes.

  • Why earn a digital badge?

    Earning a digital badge communicates that you have acquired specific knowledge and skills that are relevant to the value you bring as a professional. Displaying your badge on social media can increase your odds of being noticed by your network and employers.

  • How do I sign up for a badge course?

    Not all courses at Winona State University offer a badge option. Currently, Winona State offers digital badges for the following co-curricular and non-credit courses:
    • Digital Citizenship Foundations (co-curricular) – contact Chad Kjorlien to register
    • Web Front End Development (non-credit) – consists of 4 individual courses
      • HTML5 (Registration coming soon)
      • CSS (Registration coming soon)
      • JavaScript (Registration coming soon)
      • Web Front End Capstone (Registration coming soon)

In addition to these opportunities, WSU ACE partners with other organizations to provide training and badging opportunities. For example:

    • Merchants Bank - I Believe Leadership Series
    • Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence – 21st Century Skills Badges
    • Health Force Minnesota – SCRUBS Online and SCRUBS Coordinator Badges
  • How do I claim my badge?

    If you have met the criteria to earn a badge, you will receive an email from Winona State University notifying you of your award. You will also receive an email from Credly's Acclaim platform, our badging service. This email contains a link to create an account on the Acclaim platform to accept your badge. It's no problem if you can't find the email - just create an account on the Acclaim platform site with the same email address that Winona State has on file for you. At any time, should you need assistance, please contact for assistance.
  • How do I share my badge?

    Sharing your badge through Acclaim to the online destination of your choice is a fast, easy way to let your professional network know about your achievements. You can share your badge during the acceptance process, and you can also go back into your Acclaim account any time and share it again.

    To learn how to share your digital badge watch this quick video tutorial.
  • What should I do if I haven’t received my badge notification?

    To make sure you receive your badge notification email, and that it doesn't end up in your spam folder, add as a Contact or Safe Sender in your email settings.

    If a badge has been issued but you have not received an email notification from Acclaim, we suggest the following:
    • Check your email's spam/junk folder to see if the email notification was delivered there.
    • Make sure the email address on file with your badge issuing organization is accurate.
    • In some cases, a domain firewall can block emails from Acclaim suggests creating an account on the Acclaim platform with the email address the badge was issued to. This way, you can accept the badge from the Dashboard. If you already have an account registered to another email address, please add the email address your badge was issued to as a secondary to your account.
    • Contact for assistance
  • How do I attach my badges to my email signature?

    Adding a hyperlinked badge image to your email signature is a great way to make sure your professional network is aware of your certifications, credentials and other badge-worthy recognition.

    To learn how to add your badge to an email signature, using Outlook and Gmail as examples, watch this quick video tutorial.

  • How do I add my badge to LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn now requires individuals to manually add information about their certification in order to share their badge to their profile. In this post, we'll show you how to add your badge details to the new LinkedIn profile. 

    To share your badge details to your LinkedIn profile, follow these steps:
    1. Once you have connected your LinkedIn account, click the LinkedIn icon from the “Share Badge” page.
    2. Check or uncheck the boxes next to "Add to my Profile" and "Share to my newsfeed" as desired.
    3. If adding to your profile, click "Share to LinkedIn" and a blank LinkedIn form will appear in another tab within your browser.
    4. Go back to the Acclaim tab in your browser and click the "Copy" button next to "Certification Name". A green checkmark will confirm that the information was copied.
    5. Switch back to your LinkedIn tab and paste the information into the "Certification Name" field.
    6. Copy and paste the information on the Acclaim tab to the LinkedIn form until all relevant information has been added.
    7. You'll need to choose the dates based on the information included on the Acclaim share page under "Time Period".
    8. Click Save.

Once you've successfully shared your badge, it will appear in the “Licenses & Certifications” section on your profile. As you can see, the badge image doesn't display in the “Accomplishments” section of the profile. LinkedIn chooses to show the company logo of your badge issuer instead. Viewers can click on the "See certification" button to view more details on Acclaim.

Winona State University Badges

Digital badges are a value add for our credit and non-credit students. These alternative forms of credentials will not and should not take the place of formal academic programs and majors, but certainly enhance the development of particular skill sets. Upskilling is beneficial as students work to gain employment or pursue new career paths. Implementing a digital badge program at WSU keeps us on the cutting edge of alternative industry credentials.

Winona State University Badges

Winona State currently offers two digital badges:

  • Digital Citizenship Foundations
  • Merchants Bank – I Believe Leadership Series

As additional digital badges are added to our offerings, they will be added.

Credit Badges

Badges are used within our credit courses to build complementary knowledge, skills and/or abilities.


Non-credit Badges

Digital badges are associated with many of our non-credit professional development courses. To earn a non-credit badge, you must successfully complete the criteria identified in the badge description. . You will be awarded your badge within 7-10 days of the course completion.

Co-Curricular Badges

Winona State University students have the opportunity to earn badges which will be displayed on their co-curricular transcript to denote the successful completion of the criteria identified in the badge description.