Sales Development Science Certificate

Do you wonder what job field is the most in demand? According to LinkedIn (Nov. 2020), that job is Sales.

If you’re ready to make sales your new career, this certificate course will give you the skills, credentials, and knowledge to help give you the best start in this growing market.

This 10-week course offers flexible online learning with optional – but highly recommended – weekly live roundtable discussions with mentors and learners.

It's ideal for new or early-stage sales professionals who want to learn new skills (or fill in skills gaps), or for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to develop their sales pipeline.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply sales development strategies and methodologies to achieve an organization’s sales goals.
  • Manage key technologies leveraged by Sales professionals, including Customer Relationship Management automation (Salesforce Sales Cloud)
  • Identify ideal customer profiles and target personas to effectively generate leads and create a plan for on-going pipeline management.
  • Understand the sales concepts and techniques you need in order to interview with confidence and navigate professional relationships to achieve your personal goals.

Class Schedule & Registration Details

New Sessions Start Monthly

Cost: $1250
Location: Online

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