DDI Web-Based & Micro Courses

Virtual Learning Journeys to Lead in Challenging Times

Constant changes in supply, demand, behavior, confidence, policy, and outlook are defining us as a citizenry and economy right now. With this level of volatility circulating through every industry across the country, how can leaders stay focused and move business forward? In uncertain times, leaders need to make high-quality decisions and communicate them with eloquence and empathy.

You probably did not feel adequately prepared for the moment we are in. However, you can rise to this challenge by building your skills through short, specific, and powerful virtual learning journeys, designed for leaders who understand that the responsibility lies with them to bring their people and their business out of this crisis and become stronger because of it.

The partnership between WSU and Development Dimensions International (DDI), is bringing you the opportunity to develop your talents so that you and your leadership team can:

  • Lead through change and disruption,
  • Maintain morale and engagement,
  • Lead in virtual environments,
  • Stay strong under stress and pressure, and
  • Have meaningful conversations.

We make it convenient for you to quickly BUILD skills through web-based learning journeys and virtual classroom sessions, and BOOST learning with hyper-relevant micro courses and executive coaching.

Web-Based Learning Journeys

Self-paced, 2-hour online courses with bookmarks to fit your schedule


Short bursts (10-15 minute) learning focused on a single topic

Executive Coaching

Our professional consultants are available for virtual one-on-one executive coaching to provide personal guidance on a transformative journey of learning and development utilizing the latest video conferencing technology. Contact Business Outreach Coordinator, Julie Kiehne, at 507.457.5088 or jkiehne@winona.edu to learn more about enhancing your learning journey with executive coaching.

Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classroom brings your team together for engaging leadership development experiences with a live, online facilitator.

View sample Virtual Classroom


Explore what we have designed for you, or we’ll help you create your own Virtual Learning Journey. Contact Business Outreach Coordinator, Julie Kiehne, at 507-457-5088 or jkiehne@winona.edu