WSU Adult Traveler on the river.

Adult Travel Seminars

Whether you are looking for the trip of a lifetime, the chance to grow intellectually and exponentially, or to make friends with people as curious about you as you are about what is down the road, check out adult travel seminars (non-credit) offered through Adult & Continuing Education.

Adult Travel Seminars allow you to take the road that leads to:

  • Where cultures and traditions meet
  • New understanding and respect for others
  • New perspectives and insight into the past, present and future
  • The mind, the spirit and the palate can be surprised, challenged and nourished

Journey on this road with confidence:

  • Experienced, expert travel seminar leaders and guides
  • Quality, small group, adult educational experiences
  • No-worry travel arrangements and management
  • Excellent value for your travel dollar

 Upcoming Adult Travel Seminars:

  • Adult & Continuing Education is always working with the community members and faculty to offer adult travel seminar experiences. There are currently no upcoming seminars.