Registration FAQs

Have a tough question and don’t know where to find the answer? If you have not completed the online orientation, that would be a great place to begin. The online orientation is a set of modules that provides the information you need to prepare for the start of your program.

Still need assistance? Use this list to find resources to help with your immediate needs or contact us.

Registration dates and times for Fall and Spring semesters are based on the number of credits you have earned.

Your registration window information can also be found when you are logged into your web registration account. Once logged in, go to the Courses and Registration tab and select Registration Window.

Registration for summer semester typically begins on March 1st. 

A registration access code is required for students to register for fall and spring semester classes. Access codes are not required for registering for summer classes. You will get your access code from your academic advisor when you meet with him or her for your advising session. This code changes each semester, but you only need to enter the code in web registration once each semester.

The course catalogs have a listing of courses offered by each department. In the catalog you will find a course description for each course as well as any prerequisites required. You may also find this information in web registration when you click on a course title. Most classes listed in web registration have course descriptions and prerequisites available to view online. If you are unsure about course prerequisites contact the academic department that is offering the class.

A registration hold will block you from being able to register for classes. Registration holds may be put on your account by a variety of departments. For example, if you have unpaid parking fines, the Parking Services Department may put a registration hold on your account. You will need to contact the department that put the hold on your account to determine what needs to be done in order for them to release the hold. If you are unsure which department put the hold on your account, please contact the Warrior Hub for more information.

Some courses require instructor permission before you are allowed to register for that class. In this case students must gain this permission from the instructor and then submit a signed Class Permit Form (also called a “blue card”) to the Warrior Hub, or have the instructor submit an override online. If you submit a blue card to the Warrior Hub, typically they will register you for the course. If the instructor does an online override, you will need to go into web registration after the override has been completed and register yourself for the course.

Winona State University does not mail bills to students. Students are responsible for obtaining their bill through their web registration account and either paying it online or in person at the Warrior Hub.

The following resources will help you with the online payment process:

In order to drop a course, log in to your web registration account. Then, click on View/modify class schedule. Click on the course ID number of the course you would like to drop. On the next screen select drop/withdraw from the drop down box. Then, click on Process. You will need to enter your password for verification in order to complete the drop transaction.

Please review the drop/withdraw deadlines of the semester in which you choose to drop a course.

Dropping a course may impact your financial aid. Please contact the Warrior Hub if you have questions on your individual situation. 

The first week of fall and spring semester classes is “Drop/Add Week.” You can make changes to your schedule through the first Friday of classes without penalty. If you drop a class after the first week, eligibility for a partial tuition refund is based on the published tuition refund schedule

If a desired course has no seats available and is a waitlist eligible course, you may choose to put yourself on the waitlist for this course. When you click on the “Add Wait List” button you will be shown how many people are on the waitlist of your desired section as well as how many people are on the waitlist for other sections of the same class. If you want to proceed and put yourself on a waitlist you must select the course section you want and then click “Submit”. If a seat becomes available for you, you will be notified through your WSU email account. Once you receive the email notification, you have 24 hours to then login to web registration and register for the course. If you do not respond within 24 hours the seat will be offered to the next person on the wait list. 

No. Typically there is 10 minutes scheduled between back-to-back classes. This is not enough time to travel from Winona’s main campus to west campus or vice versa.